Our Mission is Essential

Our plan to open school in August reflects the input of our faculty, our parents and healthcare experts. With a shared desire for the health and well being of our community, several protocols will be in place. While school may look different, our goal of providing our students with an academically rigorous, Catholic education in the Jesuit tradition remains unchanged.

Saint Ignatius High School

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Your time walking the halls of Saint Ignatius High School will ignite your curiosity and open your eyes to the vibrant and changing world beyond yourself. Why Saint Ignatius? Because there’s no better way of building a strong foundation that will guide you in the future. The world is waiting.

I chose Saint Ignatius because I was thinking about my future.

Tyler Kidd '20
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COVID-19 Update

We hope that you are safe and healthy during this uncertain time. We look ahead to next year’s admissions cycle with hope to share the Saint Ignatius experience with our future students in-person.

Saint Ignatius High School has a holistic admissions review process that takes into account a range of components that are reviewed collectively and comprehensively. We understand that school closures in the light of COVID-19 have brought major adjustments to the delivery of instruction and implementation of assessments. Please be assured an understanding of these modifications and circumstances will inform next year’s admissions process.

We are aware that our prospective families are looking ahead to their son’s high school decision within the new context of COVID-19. Although we are still working out some details, we strive to remain transparent with you to enable your family to plan accordingly. We are happy to inform you that we have adjusted some dates and procedures to ensure the health and safety of all faculty, staff, students, and guests in attendance at our in-person admissions events. We invite you to read through these updates in our Admissions Calendar below.

Please note that the listed events are subject to change. Although we are optimistic and hopeful that we will be able to host our annual admissions events in-person, we are also in the process of assessing our ability to host events digitally, if necessary. We will be in communication with our prospective families if and when these adjustments are made. In the meantime, we invite you to virtually visit our campus from the comfort of your own home.

We invite you to learn about the ways in which the mission of Saint Ignatius High School has continued amid the COVID-19 crisis by reading "What Is Essential”, the cover story from the Spring 2020 issue of Saint Ignatius Magazine. As we look ahead to brighter days, we know God will continue to bless our school with talented young men and families who are dedicated to partnering with us as we live out our mission.

Admissions Calendar



August 18 - 19 Freshman Orientation
September 15 - January 22 Wildcat for a Day (8th Graders)
October 3
October 31
Optional Merit Scholarship Tests
October 10 Brain Brawl
October 11 Fall Open House


Virtual Tour

  • Diocesan School Applicants

    Prospective students who attend diocesan schools will receive applications in mid-January from their grade school. The application deadline will be at the end of the same week in which the applications are distributed. Upon submission of the Diocesan application, records will be sent to the applicant's "first-choice" school.

  • Non-Diocesan School Applicants

    Prospective students who do not attend Diocesan schools will receive non-Diocesan application forms when they take our admissions test. These forms must be submitted to our office by January 30. The application will become official upon the receipt of the non-Diocesan application form and transcripts, in addition to other required forms.

  • Decision Letters

    The admissions committee is made up of 10-12 members of the administration and faculty. In early February, the committee will consider all of these applications at the same time and will select our incoming class based on the philosophies set by the school's Board of Regents. All decision letters will be mailed on February 15.

Admissions Department