Our Mission Is Essential

COVID-19 has presented a tremendous challenge for Saint Ignatius High School to balance our mission of providing an academically rigorous, Catholic, Jesuit education along with the health and safety recommendations of leading healthcare experts. A team of administrators and faculty worked diligently so that our students and teachers could return to the classroom.

Saint Ignatius High School

Ignatian Scholars

Each year, we recognize a group of Ignatian Scholars who achieved a 93 or higher on our Scholarship Test.
Ignatian Scholars are defined as those students who achieved a 93 or higher on the Scholarship Test. Ignatian Scholars are eligible for renewable merit scholarships. Students scoring a 93-96 will receive a $3,000 merit scholarship annually, and students who score a 97-99 on our Entrance Exam will receive a $6,000 merit scholarship annually. Recipients must remain in good disciplinary standing with our Assistant Principal of Student Discipline. Saint Ignatius also honors qualifying test scores from equivalent tests taken at other area high schools.

Congratulations to our 2020 Ignatian Scholars:
Frank Adamo Holy Trinity School Avon
Adam Ali Sakr Esa Lake Ridge Academy
Paul Angert St. Albert the Great
Nico Antolik Near West Intergenerational School
Ryan Ardire St. Raphael
Alexander Barrameda St. Michael
Nicholas Barta St. Francis Xavier
James Bauman St. Hilary
Jack Bellar Menlo Park Academy
Adam Bentley St. Hilary 
Christian Bermel Gesu Catholic School
Aaron Bobinski Olmsted Falls Middle School
Luke Botros Independence Middle School
Baird Bracken Garfield Middle School
Jack Brennan Homeschool
Rowan Brown Lakewood City Schools
Theodore Bucha St. Christopher
Eric Bumm Garfield Middle School
Dante Calabretta St. Michael School
Thomas Chambers Holy Family - Parma
Kyounghoon Chung Rocky River Middle School
Samurai Chung St. Mary of the Falls
Liam Colaluca Gesu Catholic School
Tyler Craciun Brecksville-Broadview Heights Middle School
Dominick Cubela Kirtland Middle School
Matthew Daugherty St. Bernadette
Vince Davis St. Albert the Great
Dillinger DeLozier Lee Burneson Middle School
Oliver Detering All Saints of Saint John Vianney
Anirudh Devarajan Holy Trinity School Avon
Julian Dugan St. Charles Borromeo
Giovanni Duniec St. Christopher
Santino Duniec Abeka Academy
Nicholas Dunmire Sts. Robert and William
Carter Eardley Menlo Park Academy
William Elston Midview Middle School
Andrew Elturk St. Bernadette
Benjamin Emerson St. Ambrose
Luke Feran Lake Ridge Academy
Sean Fioritto St. Paschal Baylon
Jackson Fitzsimons St. Albert the Great
Jack Gaugler Notre Dame Elementary School
Christopher Gibel St. Bernadette
Isaac Grabianowski Urban Community School
William Grant Rocky River Middle School
John Guilfoyle St. Bernadette
Quinten Ha-Lambert St. Thomas More
Gregory Hanson St. Anthony of Padua
Lincoln Hill St. Paschal Babylon
Timothy Hill St. Christopher
Dillan Hobe Incarnate Word Academy
Rohit Jain Lee Burneson Middle School
Nate Johnson Holy Trinity
Louis Justice St. Anselm
Thomas Keberdle St. Raphael
Aayus Keshri Strongsville Middle School
Thomas Kilbane St. Christopher
Jack Kingston Brecksville-Broadview Heights
Maxim Kmits Assumption Academy
Zoltan Kotrebai St. Paschal Baylon
Michael Kerbs St. Francis of Assisi
Thomas Kropf Our Lady of Angels
Lukas Kucera Midview Middle School
John Kuk St. Raphael
Rohan Kumar Birchwood School of Hawken
Elijah Kundla St. Albert the Great
Michael Lamirand St. Raphael
Donovan Lang St. Angela Merici
Patrick Laudolf St. Christopher
Owen Leneghan St. Albert the Great
Fitzwilliam Lokiec St. Christopher
Joseph MacBride St. Christopher
Kavin Manickam Avon Middle School
Victor Marcelo Menlo Park Academy
Christopher Marquard St. Angela Merici
Owen McDonald St. Dominic
Luke McGarry All Saints of St. John Vianney
Brian McGrath St. Hilary
Anthony McIntyre Lee Burneson Middle School
Gavin McLaughlan Ruffing Montessori School
Casey Morreale St. Raphael
Ewan Moss Bay Middle School
Tommy Moylan Gesu Catholic School
Benjamin Nguyen St. Mary of the Falls
Shivam Pandya North Royalton Middle School
Jack Patterson Ruffing Montessori School
Devan Perera Twinsburg Middle School
Lance Pickel Bethany Lutheran
Jackson Pierce St. Francis Xavier
Michael Polito St. Christopher
Alexander Ray Kirtland Middle School
James Raynor Lakewood Catholic Academy
Lukas Riechers St. Mary of the Falls
John Riley Holy Trinity
Charlie Roberto Gesu Catholic School
Ian Roth St. Christopher School
Will Roth St. Francis of Assisi
Michael Rottinghaus St. Francis of Assisi
Maxwell Santoro Avon Middle School
John Satanek St. Charles Borromeo
Andrew Schnitter St. Rita
Soham Shah North Royalton Middle School
Evan Shannon Our Lady of Angels
Xavier Silva St. Albert the Great
Henry Slaby St. Joseph - Avon Lake
Andrew Smith St. Angela Merici
Nathan Soltes St. Joseph - Avon Lake
Sean Sterling Lewis Mayer Middle School
Liam Sweeney St. Raphael
Anthony Thein Incarnate Word Academy
James Thomas St. Raphael
Adam Thome Avon Middle School
Stephen Tirpak Rocky River Middle School
Joshua Toothman St. Bartholomew
Joseph Valencik St. Thomas More
Matthew Wagenberg Brady Middle School
Seamus Walsh St. Raphael
Augustus Whittier A.I. Root Middle School
Michael Wynne St. Raphael
Carson Yates Gesu Catholic School
Nathan Yeh St. Albert the Great
Jack Zapolnik Bay Middle School
Joseph Zaver III St. Albert the Great