Saint Ignatius High School

Arimathea Pallbearer Ministry

The Saint Joseph of Arimathea pallbearers carry men and women to their final resting place. Adult chaperones volunteer to drive the students to the funeral and burial. This initiative is available to juniors and seniors only and operates year-round.

Founded in 2003, the Pallbearer Ministry serves the poor and indigent by carrying deceased men and women who have little or no family to their final place of rest. The ministry also holds a prayer service at Potter’s Field, Cleveland’s burial ground for the homeless. Juniors and seniors are invited each year to be trained and to serve.

To inquire about service with the pallbearers, please contact Mr. Pat Valletta ’05 or Mr. Joe Mulholland '09.

The only Potter's Field prayer service for the year will be held on Saturday, Novemeber 4 10 a.m. Directions can be found here.

History of Pallbearers

Theology teacher Jim Skerl’ 74 founded the pallbearer ministry in 2003 to help students fulfill the Corporal Work of Mercy of burying the dead. The service is offered free of charge to small families, indigent people or those who die alone.

Although it had humble beginnings, today the pallbearer ministry is the largest student organization on campus at roughly 500 members. Since its founding, the ministry has served more than 1,600 funerals, averaging roughly 250 per year.

Parents and adult volunteers continue to make this ministry possible by shepherding students to and from the funerals via school van. To get involved as an adult companion, please contact Pat Valletta.
  • Christian Action Team

    C.A.T. is the umbrella service organization at Saint Ignatius and gathers weekly for all students to discuss and share about those whom they serve. Programs include Labre, Pallbearers, the Christmas Food Drive and more than a dozen others.

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