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Saint Ignatius High School


With nearly 100 clubs and student groups on campus, there’s something for everyone. Find a full listing of extracurricular programs and descriptions here, then join your favorites!

One of the things students enjoy most about Saint Ignatius is the opportunity to make their experience unique. Aside from involvement in sports, the arts and service, students engage in all sorts of unique programs and extracurricular activities that mesh with their talents and interests. Students looking to start their own club can do so through the Assistant Principal for Student Life and Leadership office. Check out our list of 100+ extracurriculars below! 

Extracurricular Offerings

Academic Challenge If you like the game show Jeopardy, this club is for you. Meets twice a week for 1.5 hours after school and competes against other schools in occasional Saturday tournaments throughout the year. Mr. Jon Barker ’87
Archery Club Open to students of all grades and experience levels, archery club focuses on teaching and practicing safe bowman-ship and increasing marksmanship. Intra-club tournaments are held throughout the year, and equipment is provided Mr. Paul Kobe ’79 and Ms. Tara Henderson.
Adobe Club Interested in graphic design, photography, filmmaking, and video/photo editing? We’ve got you covered. Adobe Club will allow you to learn about and utilize the different programs Adobe has to offer. Mrs. Jenn Chroniste
Arm Cats Saint Ignatius Arm Wrestling Club, teaching students how to wrestle competitively and skillfully. Meetings are Monday at formation. Mr. Jim Murphy 
Artists in Residence (A.I.R.) Beautifying our campus and special events are the Artists-in-Residence. They create large artworks for special events, semi-permanent displays, rallies, community gatherings and other needs. Ms. Julianna Burrows and Mr. Clayton Petras.
ASTRA (Aerospace) This club is for all students who have an interest in space and aerospace engineering. Mr. Jerry DeCarlo.
Band Program: The guys that help us toot our own horn. Our band program comprises several sub-groups, from the Wildcat Marching Band to the Jazz Ensemble, Music Pit, Pep Band, Steel Pan Ensemble and Symphonic Band. Learn more HERE. Mr. Dan Hamlin.
Birding Club Learn more about birds and attend outtings to Nature Preserves around the greater Cleveland area! Mr. Terry McCafferty
Board Game Club Drop in for a quick game of Risk, Catan, or Clue or bring a new game to teach to others. Furthermore, there will be board game workshops to compete in Board Game Competitions which includes playing the games and giving constructive criticism to the authors. Mr. Joe Ptak 
Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice (CSPJ) An opportunity to connect with Catholic schools in the area an discuss social justive initatives happening throughout Cleveland. From special Masses to  "Fair Trade Coffee Fridays," students can get invovled and make a large impact on their community.  Mr. Augie Pacetti and Mr. Guy Savastano
Cat-O'-Tonics A celebrated a cappella group, the Cat-O'-Tonics perform throughout the year in a variety of events. There are tryouts for this highly respected choral society. Mr. David Croglio.
Chess Club Open to all skill levels, join us each week to play chess! Boards and Pieces provided. Mr. Jerry DeCarlo
Christian Action Team (C.A.T.) One of the lagest groups on campus, C.A.T. is the umbrella service organization for all faith, service and justice initatives on campus. Come to the weekly meeting to sign up for volunteer opportunties such as Labre, Arrupe Programs, L'Arche, Pallbearers, Christmas Food Drive, Movers and more! All are welcome. Mr. John Gill '97 and Mr. Pat Valletta '05
Chinese Club Open to all Saint Ignatius students, this club introduces all participants to Chinese culture, including games, abacus, tangram, holidays, martial arts, food, calligraphy, painting and music. Also includes interdisciplinary explorations with world history, math and theater. Ms. Quihui Li.
Choral Program: One of the premiere choral programs in the State of Ohio, the Saint Ignatius Chorus welcomes students of all four years and abilities to join one or more of its offerings: Men’s Chorus (grades 10-12), Freshman Chorus, Cat-o’-Tonics (audition only), A Cappella Ensemble (open). Mr. David Croglio.
Clean Team Help keep our neighborhood beautiful by picking up trash! A group of students will go out once a month to do a big sweep of our local community. It's a great time and open to all students. Mr. Guy Savastano and Mr. Terry McCafferty
Circus Company Juggling, magic and performance acrobatics—this club does it all! On top of weekly practices, the Circus Company performs at more than 150 events each year throughout Northeast Ohio. Open to students of all years and abilities. Mr. Chris Laco ’03
Climbing Cats For all students looking to reach new heights, join climbing club! We climb at Cleveland Rocks and no prior experience is required. Mr. John Rowell
Court Cats (Mock Trial) Are you interested in law, research, or outwitting your opponents through logic? Saint Ignatius Mock Trial examines evidence of cases, compiles arguments, and competes against other schools in trials! You'll be learning the same skills lawyers use in their daily lives and be part of a great team. Mr. Matthew Walcutt
Culinary Cats Want to impress your friends and family with your culinary skills? Learn how to cook and bake at a "professional chef" level with Culinary Cats. No prior cooking experince is required. Ms. Marianna Burgess and Ms. Erin Matia
Digitial Arts Club Want to expand your skills in adobe software? Join Digital Arts Club to learn how to navigate Photoshop, Lightroom and more!  Ms. Caroline Galicki
Dungeons and Dragons Club Existing campaigns with Dungeon Masters exist, or newcomers can band together to form a new campaign. No experience is needed.  Mr. Sam Boenker
The EYE the voice of students at Saint Ignatius for 90 years, The EYE is the student newspaper on campus. A student-led publication, the print issue is released about six times a year; an online edition keeps students updated on the latest campus news. Mr. Dave Sabol ’99 and Mr. Mark Pecot '91
 Fishing Club Cast away! The Fishing Club brings students together in pursuit of reeling in The Big One. By heading out to various fishing holes throughout Northeast Ohio, students can learn or grow their fishing skills together. Mr. Dave Cicetti.
Frassati Group Named for Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, the Frassati Group welcomes all students for time to socialize and share faith through a variety of different meetings and activities. Mr. Ed DeVenney.
French Club French Club meets after-school and engages with small group discussions, German films and neighborhood outings. Ms. Eliza Bredendiek
German Club Students taking German are welcome to join the German Club, which provides opportunities for students to practice their speaking skills and broaden their knowledge of German culture. After-school meetings include small group discussions, German films and neighborhood outings. Ms. Eliza Bredendiek
Golfers for Others  Enjoy golf but not at the Varsity level? Join us to hit the course, the driving range, and of course, the putting green.  Mr. Tom Beach
Gonzaga Society Meets weekly to pray for individuals and groups in our community and world.  Mr. Guy Savastano and Mr. Chris McGinness
Greek Student Union An event-driven club that cultivates the interest and appetites of those who are currently studying ancient Greek. Hosts a Greek Thanksgiving in the fall and lamb roast in the spring. Also celebrates Cheese Fest, Lotus Day and holds a fundraiser for the APL. Mr. Joe Zebrak '87
Green Team Want to help make our world a little greener? Help us recycle paper, plastics, and other items around campus! Meets monthly afterschool.  Mr. Guy Savastano and Mr. Terry McCafferty
Hacker Cats Computer programming is a booming career field and the Hacker Cats gather to talk trade and prepare for various computer programming competitions. Mr. Dennis Hjort
Harlequins Performs a play in the fall and a musical in the spring. Students, along with girls from area high schools, produce two high-quality theatrical events. Backstage, students work as production assistants, stage managers, lighting and sound technicians, and in areas such as set construction and painting. Ms. Amanda Martin
#Heroes Under adult guidance, student in the Blood Club plan and run four blood drives each year, including recruiting student donors and providing support during the event. The motto “Men for Others” takes on a whole new meaning! Mrs. Holly Woytek and Mrs. Sara Sebring
Hydrocats (Hydroponics Club) Want to learn about hydroponics? Come join us as we start some new seeds grown without soil in the school's greenhouse. Mr.  Doug Emancipator
Ignatian Alliance Facilitates respect for all students, specifically regarding sexual orientation. In valuing the dignity of each individual, the Ignatian Alliance seeks to build acceptance, provide information, and encourage communication. The Ignatian Alliance seeks to foster justice within our community where all individuals feel respected and valued to participate fully in campus activity. Mrs. Cindy Reagan, Mr. Hugh McManamon and Mr. Jim Murphy
Ignatian Companions Help with Eucharistic Adoration, Retreats, Mass and other events under the Campus Ministry Department.  Mr. Ed DeVenney
Ignatians for Life A student organization dedicated to promoting and defending all life from womb to tomb. Embraces the Catholic teachings of a consistent ethic of life and engages students on all life issues. Participates in marches and rallies, hosts speakers and prays the rosary weekly. Mr. Augie Pacetti '96
Ignatians for Peace and Justice
Join us weekly to help plan "Fair Trade Friday" Coffee and Hot Chocolate stand, Mission Collection, and events for the school year such as “Mission Week" and "CSPJ Carnival."
Mr. James Luisi, Mr. Jim Murphy and Mr. Guy Savastano
Ignatian Film Society Are you a movie buff? Just a casual film fan? Looking for something new? If so, consider joining the Ignatius Film Society! Mr. Casey Yandek
Informed Ignatians (Conservative Caucus) The school's outlets for students to engage in mature and respectful political discourse. Meets weekly to discuss politics, take political action and increase membership in the conservative movement. Mr. Rory Hennessey '78
Informed Ignatians (Liberal Caucus) The school's outlets for students to engage in mature and respectful political discourse. Meets regularly to explore and discuss, from a progressive/liberal perspective, political topics. Mr. Sam Boenker
Intramurals Run through the Murphy Field House, intramurals are scheduled throughout the year for students to play and compete various sports. Mr. Brian Martin '94
Landscape Design Club Interested in Landscaping? Join us to learn about what makes a front yard work and how plants can co-exist in certain landscape desings.  Mr. Rory Fitzpatrick '88
Latin Club An event-driven club that provides opportunities for students to experience firsthand some of the most interesting activities of the Roman world, including the Chariot Races, Gladiator Games, Legion 41 and more. Assists with running the Grade School Latin Program. Mr. Joe Zebrak '87.
L'Arche Once a month, students visit the L'Arche community and bring dinner, prayer and conversations with the CORE members of the homes.  Mrs. Amy Carroll
Lego Club For all Lego lovers to spend quality time bulding and creating masterpieces out of Legos! Mr. Bob Wimbiscus
Liturgical Musicians Ensemble Comprises student vocalists and instrumentalists who lead the muscial worship of the Saint Ignatius community. Students rehearse weekly after school in preparation for Eucharistic liturgies and prayer services. Mr. David Croglio or Mr. Dan Hamlin
Magic the Gathering Club Want to learn how to play Magic the Gathering, a card game taking the world by storm...Join us and see what the Magic is all about!  Mr. Joe Ptak
Math Cats A subsidiary of the national high school math club, Mu Alpha Theta. Members meet periodically to see interesting and unusual films, plus discuss fascinating and intriguing problems. Students can prepare for the Ohio Math League Contest and the Annual High School Exam through this club. Mr. Jon Barker '87
Metal Club With 94 different metals on the periodic table, there is so much to explore! Join Metal club to see chemical recations and learn about the different types of Metals. Mr. Clayton Petras
Model Railroaders Club With passion for trains and tracks, this club gets together to create and display impressive model railroad scenes. Open to all students. Mr. Andrew Johnson '79
Model United Nations (MUN)/J.C.W.A A student-run forum for researching and discussing national and international affairs, which includes preparing for and participating in several regional and national MUN conferences. Open to students of all grade levels, J.C.W.A. meets weekly. Mr. Peter Corrigan '69 and Mr. Brandon Foster
Multicultural Student Union (MSU) Dedicated to providing a wide variety of cultural and social experiences to encourage students to explore and understand cultural similarities and differences that exist among the student body. Open to all students. Mr. Lyndon Brooks
NASA Glenn Capstone Consider the NASA Glenn Capstone, open to juniors and seniors interested in exploring the field of Engineering, NASA or the unknowns of Outspace! Mr. Guy Savastano
National Honor Society (NHS) The Patricia Gaski Memorial Chapter is a vibrant chapter of the National Honor Society at Saint Ignatius High School. NHS is an invitation-based society that meets monthly to encourage the pillars of Scholarship, Leadership, Character and Service on campus and its members' wider communities. Traditionally, the members of our chapter facilitate one senior project and act as big brothers to our Freshmen on campus. All students interested in becoming a member of the National Honor Society should complete candidacy forms the second semester of junior year. Ms. Erin Hanna and Ms. Nikki Henderson
Nerf Club It's Nerf, or nothing.  Ms. Mary Walsh
Peer Tutoring Program gnatians helping Ignatians. That's the jist of the peer tutoring program, which pairs students up based on areas of academic need. Mrs. Megan Giavonette and Mrs. Beth McDonnell
The Ploughman Students committed to growing fresh food on campus can join the Ploughmen, which seeks to build relationships with others, neighbors, the Earth and God--giver and sustainer of all life. Mr. Terry McCafferty. '97
Podcast Club Brand new podcast recording every Monday during formation. Interviewing past and present athletes, coaches, faculty and staff here at Ignatius. Mr. Zach Tocchi
Pokemon Go Club Got to Catch them all! We will adventure around Ohio City and hit PokeStops, Gyms, and raids. If you are a fan of Pokémon please come - all teams are welcome. Mr. Brandon Foster
Poster Cats A student-run organization that produces and displays posters on campus to advertise school happenings and messages. If you like to draw and want a club that is not going to
eat up a lot of your time, join Poster Cats!
Mr. Paul Prokop
Pre-Law Club Interested in Pre-Law, come learn about what path you could be taking to prepare you for Pre-Law success in college and one day, the court room!  Mr. Dave Cicetti and Mr. Andrew Fuchs
Pre-Med Society / Health Sciences Program The widely growing Health Sciences Program introduces students to the medical world through extracurricular lectures, fairs, demonstrations and field trips. All students with an interest in working in medicine are welcome to join. Many alumni in healthcare fields support this popular initiative. Ms. Tara Henderson
Robotics Team A club for students who want to learn to design, build, wire, program, and operate robotic vehicles. The major event of the year is the US First Robotics competition. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. Mr. Nathan Chaffee, Mr. Aaron Mekker '06 and Mr. Bob Ward
Running with the Cats Whether you are in the off season, looking for a group of friends, or simply trying to get exercise, Running witht the Cats is open to all runners of any experince!  Ms. Beth McDonnell
Science Olympiad Our Science Olympiad team takes science education out of the classroom and into exciting, competitive events. Students plan and prepare for a variety of challenges that require their expertise in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and more. Mr. Tom Bogen, Mr. Guy Savastano, Mr. Chris McGinness '02, Mr. Nathan Chaffee
SCOPE Students for Compassion, Outreach, Perseverance, Education is geared toward initiatives that raise awareness about the importance of student mental health and provides events to help students manage stress and anxiety. Mr. Mike Strauss '87
SIBN (Saint Ignatius Broadcast Network) Providing live play-by-play of most Saint Ignatius sporting events, plus a host of other campus activities, is the student broadcast team of the SIBN. Participants learn to plan, set up and then call Wildcat sports, working their way up to calling some of the most exciting varsity sports games in Ohio. Mr. Joe Mertens '15
SIEntA A venture in which students participate in an extracurricular club and take classes to augment and enhance their learning of entrepreneurship, business management, finance and related topics. Members compete in stock and business plan competitions, and are eligible for paid summer internships. Mr. Dan Hess '88
Snap Cats (Photography Club) Interested in Photography? Learn ways to properly use a camera, get the best angles and capture award-winning shots!  Ms. Jennifer Chronister
Spanish Club Strengthen your Spanish skills by joining Spanish Club! Come practice in conversation, play fun games, watch films, eat delicious food, and so much more!  Mr. Jose Torres
Speech and Debate A club whose members are part of the National Forensic League. Seeks to promote speech, debate and robust communication through competitions, debates and the like. Mr. J. Buzzelli, Mr. R. Fujimoto '66, Mrs. K. Gross, and Ms. L. Mielcarek
Spikeball Club One of the fastest growing yard games in the country--and that's certainly evident on campus. The Spikeball Club gets together to play Spikeball on campus and arrange tournaments for students. Mr. John Rowell '11
Stage and Technical Crew Integral components of the school's drama program, the crew members build sets, acquire props, set the lights and run the sound systems for the fall play and spring musical. Miss Amanda Martin and Mr. John Ebert
Student Senate The elected and appointed officers of the student body, Student Senate provides leadership for student activities and coordinates various campus events and initiatives throughout the school year. Elections are held each spring.
2022-23 Officers: Alex Merheb '23 (President) and Braydn Szczepaniak '23 (Vice President)
Mr. Brian Martin '94 and Mr. Joe Popelka
Summer Research Internships A terrific opportunity to expand learning beyond the classroom, these STEM internships increase students' abilities to think creatively and critically. Participants will write a report or present a research poster. Mr. Doug Emancipator '96
Super Smash Brothers Club Students who are fans of the incredibly popular Super Smash Bros. video games convene to compete! Mr. Sam Boenker
Support Our Troops and Color Guard Meets the 2nd or 4th Wednesday of each month to appreciate the service rendered by our troops. Writes letters, creates care packages and prays for members of the military. Open to students of all four years. Mr. Rory Hennessey '78
Table Tennis Get your ping pong and paddle ready because we bring the competition at Table Tennis Club! No prior experince is required - all skill levels and ages are welcome!  Mr. Jon Barker
Ultimate Frisbee A group of students who enjoy getting together to play Frisbee, this group meets every Friday in Room 102 and then plays from 3-5 p.m. at Edgewater Park, weather permitting. Open to all students. Mr. Aaron Mekker '06
Velocats Velocats is the St. Ignatius cycling club that typically rides after school on Fridays. We will go mountain biking locally as well as try out racing some weekends. We ride at Ray’s Indoor MTB in the winter.  Mr. Joe Betz
Video Game Club Like video Games?? Xbox? PlayStation? Online?  We’ve got the club for you. Consider joining the Video Gaming Club, a club centered around playing a large variety of video games in a pleasant and enjoyable environment. Mr. Hess
Yearbook A student-run publication that is distributed in the fall of each school year. Students serve as editors, writers, photographers, proofreaders, layout designers, etc. and may join at any time during the year. Meetings take place monthly after school. Mr. Ed DeVenney and Mrs. Anne Petters
Yoga Club Namaste. For students--athletes and non-athletes like--Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning AJ Short '09 leads free group yoga sessions on campus. Mr. AJ Short '09

Student Life Staff