Saint Ignatius High School

Etymology Word of the Week

As some of you know, in addition to being the Director of Admissions, Pat O'Rourke '90 also teaches Latin at Saint Ignatius and is a self-proclaimed "word nerd." Here is his latest Etymology Word of the Week.
Puerto Rico - "an island in the central West Indies; a commonwealth associated with the United States" from the Spanish noun puerto meaning "port, harbor" and the Spanish adjective rico meaning "rich" (All information is from, and/or


Sample sentence – “Puerto Rico is still trying to recover from the effects of Hurricane Maria."

ABBREVIATION OF THE WEEK:  A.D. = Anno Domini - in the Year of (Our) Lord - from annus, anni meaning "year" and dominus, domini meaning "lord, master" - commonly used to label years in the Gregorian calendar system, as opposed to B.C. (Before Christ).
APHORISM OF THE WEEK:  A watched pot never boils...

NOTE: Our students, faculty and staff held a dress down day this month in order to raise money to support our Jesuit brothers and sisters at Colegio San Ignacio De Loyola in Puerto Rico which was devastated Hurricane Maria. We collected more than $5,200 to provide assistance as they recover from the recent devastation.