Saint Ignatius High School

19 Students Receive Artistic Recognition

Saint Ignatius students received 26 awards in the annual Scholastic Art & Writing competition. Their artistic entries span a wide range of media, from film to photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, 3-D art, graphic design, and writing.

Creativity, dedication, talent, technique—these are the gifts of 19 Saint Ignatius students whose artwork has been honored in a major art and writing competition. Once again, the creations of these young men has drawn the admiration of judges in the Scholastic Art & Writing Competition. Hundreds of thousands of pieces of student artwork are entered each year for judging, but only a small portion receive recognition.
“These young men exhibit an impressive variety of artistic range,” says Fine Arts teacher Julianna Burrows. “We are very proud of them.”
Senior Aaron Gadson is the lone Gold Key honoree this year for “Shadows Without a Shadow” (left) in the Drawing & Illustration category.
Daniel Anthony ’23 and Maxwell McNeill ’22 each led the way with three pieces receiving recognition. Daniel’s series of pastel refraction studies earned two Silver Keys and an Honorable Mention. Maxwell received a Silver Key and Honorable mention for a pair of mixed media projects, and Honorable Mention for poetry.
Adding to his glowing film resume, senior Nathan Kuczmarski (who was featured recently in Saint Ignatius Magazine), was honored with a Silver Key for his film portfolio, with his short “Fall Leaves” collecting an Honorable Mention Award.
See below for the full list of student-artist honorees, their awards and project types.
This year’s Scholastic Art & Writing award recipients compose one of the largest and broadest classes of Saint Ignatius student art honorees in recent memory. Here's the Cleveland Institute of Art website, which features the full gallery of work. Absolutely major credit is owed to these students, their teachers, and their families for this terrific achievement.

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2022 Scholastic Art & Writing Award Recipients

Student Title Medium/Format Award Type
Aaron Gadson '22 Shadows Without a Shadow Drawing & Illustration Gold Key
Nathan Kuczmarski '22 Art Portfolio Film & Animation Silver Key
Daniel Anthony '23 Pastel Refraction Study Drawing & Illustration Silver Key
Daniel Anthony '23 Pastel Refraction Study 2 Drawing & Illustration Silver Key
Gavin Berger '22 Light Trails Photography Silver Key
Jose Figueroa '23 River Photography Silver Key
Vincent Kasinec '22 Edgewater Park Design Silver Key
Maxwell McNeill '22 Bygone Lapse Mixed Media Silver Key
Lucas Perram '25 Stare Printmaking Silver Key
Benjamin Ravas '22 Fire Photography Silver Key
Chris Rood '22 Ohio City Photography Silver Key
Joseph Sepesy '22 Scattered Self Drawing & Illustration Silver Key
Carter Wensink '25 Font: Carter Design Silver Key
Maximus Anderson '23 Star Gazing Photography Honorable Mention
Paul Angert '24 EYE.SPEAK.LOUDLY.1 Mixed Media Honorable Mention
Paul Angert '24 ABSTRACT.2 Photography Honorable Mention
Daniel Anthony '23 Pastel Refraction Study 4 Drawing & Illustration Honorable Mention
Antonio Carrero '22 Husk Photography Honorable Mention
Christian Krsacok '22 Sticks and Stones Printmaking Honorable Mention
Nathan Kuczmarski '22 Fall Leaves Film & Animation Honorable Mention
Maxwell McNeill '22 Praeteritum Momento Mixed Media Honorable Mention
Benjamin Ravas '22 Fire Spiral Photography Honorable Mention
Antonio Sidoti '25 Contour Reflection Mixed Media Honorable Mention
Christian Valdez '25 Jumbled Photography Honorable Mention
Cristian Navarrete '22 The Waiting Game Photography Honorable Mention
Maxwell McNeill '22 Distant Dancing Poetry Honorable Mention