Saint Ignatius High School

Louisville Mission Trip Reflection: Will Sullivan '20

Looking back on his summer mission trip to Louisville, Kentucky, rising junior Will Sullivan is more aware of the presence of Christ in strangers, as well as the many populations throughout the United States who plead for justice.

Upon arriving at CrossRoads Ministry, I was anxious with anticipation. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew the guys coming with me on the mission trip, but didn’t know them all that well and was eager to make new friends. When we walked through the doors, we were immediately greeted with easy smiles from the staff. We all unpacked and met downstairs where we were divided into two small groups, where we would participate in activities and work together. In my group was Mrs. Henderson, Mr. Donovan, Patrick Sullivan ’19, Joe O’Brien ’19, Zach Houde ’19, Connor Barchanowicz ’20, Tommy Lupica ’20, Mikey Gallipoli ’19, and our two group leaders, Mary and Jenna.

Throughout the week our group went to various agencies such as Active Day, a facility for adults with developmental disabilities; the Kling Center, a clubhouse for the elderly filled with pool tables and board games; Catholic Charities, a place where English was taught to refugees from all over the world; and Americana, a school providing summer programs for low-income and refugee status families. Whether we worked with challenged adults, the elderly, refugees, or children, the smiles of these kind people filled the soul. There was nothing better than breaking through a language barrier and laughing with someone.

Every agency we went to taught me more about myself and the world around me. Most people think of mission trips as our Tanzania trip or the Dominican Republic, but what I learned is that there’s a need for God and God’s work right here in America; there are numerous unanswered pleas for justice right in the heart of a city like Louisville. It opened my eyes to be more aware. It opened my eyes to find the face of Christ in strangers, no matter their background.

I could go on and on for hours and am happy to talk to anyone interested about Louisville, but I urge whoever gets the chance, to go to Louisville and discover themselves and Christ through beauty of this trip. The people at CrossRoads Ministry ignite a fire so deep in your heart that it keeps burning bright well after you’ve gone home. It truly was an incredible experience that I strongly suggest partaking in.