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Mission Trips

The Fr. Thomas Gafney, S.J. ’50 Mission Trip Program sends students to domestic and international destinations in pursuit of service, learning and faith-formation. These summer immersion experiences are open to students after sophomore year.

"The Fr. Thomas Gafney, S.J. '50 Mission Trip Program represents the quintessential Ignatius experience: prayer, direct encounters with the poor, service, reflection, education, and fun. These experiences are at the heart of our mission to be Men for Others."

Anthony Fior '02, Ed.D.
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Launched in 1997 and named after alumnus and martyr Fr. Thomas J. Gafney, S.J. ’50, the mission trip program offers students an opportunity to directly encounter the poor and marginalized, just as Jesus did. Through domestic and international destinations participants practice prayer, service, reflection, learning and looking for God in all things, people and places.

Most trips are offered to students the summer before their senior year, but a couple trips also provide opportunities for rising juniors. Interested students must complete an application and, often, an interview, in order to be considered for a mission trip.

Financial aid may be awarded on the basis of the applicant’s financial need. Any student with a heart filled with faith and a desire to serve those most on the margins should apply, regardless of financial situation. Please see Mr. Tracy or Mr. Pacetti with questions.

To learn more about mission trips, please contact Mr. Michael Tracy.

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Summer 2023 Offerings

Urban Challenge

WHAT? Want to better understand the issues of urban poverty and inequality that we see here in Cleveland?  The Romero Center is an urban, service-learning, immersion experience rooted in the  Catholic faith tradition where we look at issues of urban unemployment, housing and education from the perspective of our Christian faith and the teachings of the Catholic Church.  For more info:

WHO?  8 - 12 Members of the Class of 2025

WHEN? July 10 - 15, 2023

WHERE? Camden, NY and Philadelphia, PA

COST?  $400.00

CHAPERONES?  Mrs. Beth McDonnell and Mr. Mike Strauss

Rural Work Projects 

WHAT? Join over 100 volunteers from all over the country at the Wayne County Work  Camp in rural West Virginia. Since 1983, this camp has provided opportunities for  volunteers of all faiths to put faith into practice by doing home repair for local families.  You will get to know the family you serve as you live, work and pray with the people of the  Wayne County community.

WHO? 10 Members of Class of 2025

WHEN?  June 11-17, 2023

WHERE? Wayne County, West Virginia

COST? $250 per student


Gang Rehabilitation and Serving the Homeless

WHAT? Based out of Dolores Mission Catholic Church, the Jesuit parish in the Boyle  Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, we will witness the ways this community  is addressing its challenges by focusing on its gifts and not just on its problems. Visits will  include stops at Homeboy industries, which has created numerous job opportunities for  ex-gang members, and other ministries serving this Latino neighborhood.

WHO? 8-12 Members of Class of 2024 and 2025

WHEN?  June 17-24, 2022

WHERE? Los Angeles, California

COST? $825 per student

CHAPERONES?  Ms. Erin Conway and TBA

Mexican Border Experience

WHAT? Our group will travel to El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico to gain a new perspective on the ongoing refugee crisis on our southern border.  We will partner with a Jesuit organization,, to encounter the men, women and children living on the border who are impacted by this challenging situation and look at it principally from the perspective of our Christian faith. 

WHO? 6-8 Members of the Class of 2024

WHEN?  April 10-15, 2023

WHERE? El Paso, TX and Juarez, Mexico

COST? $1200 per student

CHAPERONES?  Mr. Mike Strauss and Mrs. Elisa Bredendiek

International Immersion and Work Project

WHAT? If you are up for a challenge, we invite you to consider traveling to the Dominican Republic to stay in a rural community, live with a native Dominican family who will embrace you as their son, communicate in a new language and engage in a physically demanding work project. This is a truly rich and rewarding experience organized by ILAC, a Jesuit-sponsored organization.

WHO? 6-8 Members of the Class of 2024

WHEN? June 5-13, 2023

WHERE? Rural Dominican Republic

COST? $1900 per student

CHAPERONES?  Mr. Rodney Gallaway and Mr. Dan True

Applications are closed for summer 2023. Please contact Michael Tracy with any questions. 

  • Global Education

    Come to Saint Ignatius and see the world! Students travel across the globe on mission trips, sports excursions, study abroad ventures and foreign exchange programs. Travel to international and domestic locations through the Global Education program.

  • Campus Ministry

    Overseeing faith programs is Campus Ministry, which plans and leads retreats, school liturgies, mission trips, social justice initiatives, and leadership opportunities in these areas.

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