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Courses in the Math Department teach students everything from algebra to advanced calculus, as well as computer programming. The course sequence has been designed to help students from a wide variety of backgrounds achieve their goals.

Math is a subject that often takes students out of their academic comfort zones. In this struggle, I enjoy seeing my students develop the ability to think critically and apply themselves to new concepts, especially in a group setting. Enhancing the skill of working together to tackle a problem is something we all use on a daily basis.

Rodney Gallaway
Math Department
Football Coach
Dominican Republic Mission Trip Leader
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In the Saint Ignatius Mathematics Department, we help students develop the critical thinking skills essential not only for questions they will find on a geometry exam, SAT, or AP test, but also to analyze complex situations in financial markets, a chemistry lab, or a moral dilemma. We believe that math applies to all avenues of a young man's future not because he will need to compute sums and products, but because he will need to organize, process, conclude, and evaluate countless times along his journey--indeed, countless times each day! Further, our faculty believes that mathematics is the language with which our students can better understand the world around them, and in turn, better understand God's Creation.  As a mathematics department in a Jesuit high school, we also put a strong emphasis on cura personalis, or care of each individual, by both challenging and tutoring each student based on his unique needs.

Special Topics 

  • Statistics 
  • Multivariable Calculus 
  • Computer Science (Java—three levels) 

AP Courses 

  • Statistics 
  • Calculus (AB & BC)
  • Computer Science

Related Opportunities 

  • Eighth Grade Algebra Program 
  • Computer Science 

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