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Courses in the Math Department teach students everything from algebra to advanced calculus, as well as computer programming. The course sequence has been designed to help students from a wide variety of backgrounds achieve their goals.

Math is a subject that often takes students out of their academic comfort zones. In this struggle, I enjoy seeing my students develop the ability to think critically and apply themselves to new concepts, especially in a group setting. Enhancing the skill of working together to tackle a problem is something we all use on a daily basis.

Rodney Gallaway
Math Department
Football Coach
Dominican Republic Mission Trip Leader
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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Saint Ignatius Mathematics Department is to help students become better problem solvers and critical thinkers by mastering and applying mathematical concepts.

We strive to help students engage in mathematical discourse, work collaboratively, articulate their thought processes, and experience the joy and beauty of mathematics with an open, critical, and analytic mind. In developing these skills, our students will be better prepared to serve others, work to improve their communities, and live the mission of Saint Ignatius High School.

Math Sequence:

Students may test into more advanced levels in mathematics.

To meet graduation requirements, each student must earn 4 credits in mathematics courses, including Algebra II or equivalent. Incoming freshmen are placed by ability rather than grade level. Incoming freshmen placement is determined by Mastery Exams, Ohio End of Course exams, and other criteria.

It is strongly recommended by the department and college counseling that students finish the 4 year requirement on the calculus track, finishing with PreCalculus, AP Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, or Linear Algebra. Students are able to supplement the core courses with electives. Placement in honors or AP level courses must be accompanied by the recommendation of the previous year’s teacher and the department chair.

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