Saint Ignatius High School

Eighth Grade Algebra Program

The Department of Mathematics at Saint Ignatius High School offers an algebra course for qualified 8th grade boys and girls enrolled in Catholic elementary schools throughout the Cleveland area.

The Eighth Grade Algebra Program is equivalent to Honors Algebra 1 at Saint Ignatius and meets daily from 7 to 7:40 a.m. following the Saint Ignatius calendar.

There is no tuition or other cost for this course-it is offered as a service to Cleveland Diocesan elementary schools. Boys successfully completing this algebra course with a grade of 87% or higher and who attend high school at Saint Ignatius will be placed into Honors Geometry as freshmen. Due to the high premium on classroom time for this program, students are allowed five absences per semester. Percentage grades will be reported to each student's grade school at the end of each quarter. Please note that each grade school will have differing policies on how they will coordinate their curriculum and records with this program.

In order to qualify for this course, students must take the Algebra Readiness Test and provide an email address for a current seventh grade math teacher.

  • Student Preparation

    “[My student] is more confident and better prepared for the math challenges of high school. As my second child to go through this program, the results have been obvious in terms of high school preparation.”

  • Academically Challenging

    "Academically, students are challenged to take on advanced mathematics and problem solving in a supportive class environment led by outstanding teachers … they develop important skills relative to taking responsibility for self study and online course work that will prepare them for the rigors of high school--and they have a lot of fun!”

Eighth Grade Algebra Program Faculty