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Saint Ignatius High School

Employees Recognized for Going Above and Beyond

Saint Ignatius High School is excited to announce our new "Give a Roar" peer-to-peer recognition program, which allows employees an opportunity to nominate co-workers for mission-driven actions that go above and beyond their assigned work responsibilities. Two employees will be selected each month. Check out this month's recipients below!

Give a ROAR / Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program

Congratulations to our March "Give A ROAR" recipients: 
Jose Jacobo and Christina Palmer

Jose Jacobo - Campus Operations 

"Delivering boxes is important, but not as important as making someone's day." That's the mentality of Jose Jacobo, who is in his first year at Saint Ignatius on our Campus Operations Team. From his hospitable personality to his efficiency in getting work done, Jose goes above and beyond in everything he does. His primary role is to deliver mail and set up for events, but his hours often extend beyond his typical 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. job. From arranging colorful light fixtures for the Homecoming dance to unfolding hundreds of tables and chairs for the annual Mother-Son Eucharist Brunch, all our events must be properly set up. Jose is one of the main people behind the scenes to help make everything happen. 

Jose is an integral part of our community because of his desire to care for the whole person in everything he does. If you were to see Jose on campus, he would greet you with a beaming smile and check in to see how you are doing. He might be carrying an oversized box while saying "hello," but he goes out of his way to make everyone feel seen and appreciated. 

Jose was formerly an Operations Supervisor at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Cleveland. When asked how he ended up at Saint Ignatius, his answer was simple: "It was God." His faith, work ethic, contagious smile and warm presence are just a few qualities that make Jose so fantastic. We are so grateful to have Jose at Saint Ignatius and to be able to honor him with this recognition. 

From His Peers: 

"Jose is always willing to help, and his can-do attitude has made a positive difference at Saint Ignatius! We always know that if we ask him to help with an event, it will be done unbelievably well, and we can always count on him. Jose takes great pride in his work. Saint Ignatius is a better place with Jose on staff!" - Mary Beth Flynn, Advancement

"Jose goes above and beyond always for everyone and always has a smile on his face." - Beverly Fluker, Campus Operations

"Jose is just a joy. His kind spirit is infectious. He is willing to help in any way - and has gone above and beyond in helping us this year. We appreciate him and his smile more than he realizes." - Math Department

Christina Palmer - Social Studies Teacher, Welsh Academy

Christina is in her second year of teaching Social Studies at the Welsh Academy and helps drive the vans and coordinate the Affinitiy Courses. Christina created an affinity course called "Ohio City Explorers,"  allowing the students to walk around Ohio City and learn about it through the lens of food, history, sports, entrepreneurship, entertainment and art. Third quarter's focus was "hot chocolate," and the students experienced the many varieties of hot cocoa offered in our local community! 

Christina's go-getter mentality, compassionate heart and ability to jump into any new project with 100% effort are just a few of the reasons her peers recognized her. She is always known to help wherever she can and is intentional about being fully present in the building and with the students. Christina pours her entire heart into her role each and every day, and her drive to make the Welsh Academy a better place is inspiring. We are fortunate to have a woman like Christina in our community! 

Christina would like to thank Mark Pecot '91 and everyone at Saint Ignatius and the Welsh Academy for her recognition. She said she feels incredibly blessed, as there are many people who work tirelessly behind the scenes that are worthy of this award..

From Her Peers: 

"Christina is always willing to help out her fellow coworkers. ALWAYS! If someone is out sick she covers their classes and other responsibilities immediately. She's just in her second year of teaching but she has a desire to learn everything possible about how middle school boys learn best. She reads a great deal of evidence based practices and brings that information back to the Welsh team. We are lucky to have her on our staff. No one works harder and is more passionate about the success of Welsh Academy students than Christina."  -Dierre Cody, Welsh Academy

Peer-to-Peer Recognition Overview

What is the purpose?

  • To recognize the great work our faculty and staff do every day
  • Increase morale and create a sense of community
  • Foster a culture of appreciation

Why are we doing this?

 There's some terrific work taking place at Saint Ignatius High School, and we want to recognize/reward these outstanding contributions in a meaningful way. People are the backbone of our organization, and we are always looking for ways to say "Thank You."

How Does it Work?

  • Employees can nominate a peer whose mission-driven actions go above and beyond their assigned work responsibilities. Nomination Form

  • The awards will be presented quarterly to both a faculty and staff member

  • Winners will receive a Visa gift card, recognition on the school's website and social media platforms, and will be invited to attend an end of the school year luncheon with Father Guiao 

What is the Criteria?

  • Employee must be an active full-time or part-time employee (excludes seasonal or on-call employees)  

  • Employee must be in good standing and have had no disciplinary infractions in the last six months

What is the Process?

  • Nominator completes an online nomination form 

  • HR, DEI, and the President will review all nominations and choose two award winners

  • HR will check with the employee's supervisor to ensure good standing 

  • HR will contact the employee to share the good news and send out a community announcement

  • The communications team will send out community announcements on all social platforms and highlight the winners on the HR page of the website    


  • Can an employee receive more than one ROAR award in a school year?  

    • No, an employee can only win once a year

  •  Can a teacher nominate a staff member and vice versa?

    •  Yes, teachers can nominate staff, and staff can nominate teachers, as well as nominate each other

  • Can administrators and managers be nominated? 

    • If you see an administrator or manager doing a terrific job, please nominate them!

  • Does this program supersede or eliminate current employee recognition programs? 

    • No, all current recognition programs are still applicable. 

  • When are nominations due? 

    • Nominations are due by the end of the 3rd week of each month, and winners will be announced during the first week of the following month Nomination Form

For the 2022 - 2023 academic year, winners will be selected in March and May. We will resume the quarter schedule in 2023 - 2024.