Saint Ignatius High School

REACHing MAGIS: Leadership Development

Leadership institutes work to define leadership, build respect, trust and honesty. Students are encouraged to foster teamwork and lay the foundation for a motivated life. After each activity, students participate in both large and small group discussion and reflection.

Le'Charles Bentley 5th Grade Leadership

The Le'Charles Bentley '98 5th Grade Leadership Academy supports 35 future leaders from the Greater Cleveland area who attend various Catholic, private and public grade schools. The Academy focuses on language arts, mathematics, visual art, test preparation, entrepreneurship  and leadership development. The goal is to provide each young scholar with intensive academic Saturdays from October through February with emphasis on core values. Each student who successfully completes the program will move on to the sixth through eighth grade components of REACHing MAGIS. Ultimately, students who successfully complete both components will matriculate to Saint Ignatius High School or another high school of their choice.

Verneda Bentley Endowed Scholarship

The Verneda Bentley Endowed Scholarship Program was established by Le'Charles V. Bentley '98 in December 2006 to honor his mother, Verneda Bentley, for her encouragement of and commitment to his high school education. The endowment was created to provide substantial scholarships for select REACHing MAGIS graduates enrolling at Saint Ignatius High School. The program seeks to encourage and enable highly motivated students of exceptional promise to pursue academic and social opportunities available to them throughout high school. The Verneda Bentley Endowed Scholarship program is unique to the REACHing MAGIS program and Saint Ignatius High School and therefore cannot be transferred to any other high school. 

Preferential consideration for this scholarship shall be given to an African American or Hispanic American (Latino) student who resides in the City of Cleveland. Each candidate must successfully complete the REACHing MAGIS program with full participation, attendance, exceptional progress reports, grades, and leadership qualities and demonstrate financial need.

This scholarship is renewable each year as long as the selected student maintains a 2.5 GPA or higher and remains at Saint Ignatius High School.