Saint Ignatius High School

Eighth Grade Virtual Latin Class

Saint Ignatius High School is offering a free online Latin I class for eighth grade boys in the Cleveland area.

Non Scholae Sed Vitae Discimus
We learn not for school, but for life!

Meet the Teacher
Mr. Laco has taught at Saint Ignatius High School for ten years.  Prior to coming to Saint Ignatius High School, Mr. Laco started a Grade School Latin Program at Gesu Elementary School.  He is looking forward to teaching this class this year.

Why study Latin?
“With regards to what Latin has done for me, I think it has given me one of the most valuable tools I could have asked for – the ability to think analytically. Latin is a systematic language with logical rules and very few exceptions, making every sentence a logical analysis. Using that type of analysis repetitively gives you great tools for analysis in every other subject or aspect of your life, in my opinion. This has helped me with argumentation, logic, debating, college essay writing, critical thinking, reading, philosophy, and the LSAT. The tools and practices you pick up in Latin aren’t always the most readily apparent, but you realize quickly in real life how applicable the practices you learn in Latin are. Hope you pass this along and it encourages some students to take Latin!”   
— Kellen Dugan '15