Saint Ignatius High School


Latin. Spanish. French. Greek. Languages at Saint Ignatius become a pathway to history, travel, communication and culture. Grade school students can begin their study early with weekend programs on campus.
The Languages Department strives to develop students who reflect the five characteristics of the Graduate-at-Graduation, a statement of goals for each student at Saint Ignatius. The study of the culture of other peoples provides the opportunity to see the world through different eyes, thus making students open to growth and loving in their understanding of others and of new situations.  Learning another language also requires the highest level of analytical skills, resulting in young men who are intellectually competent. Furthermore, knowledge of and appreciation for other cultures leads students toward a commitment to seek justice for all of God’s people. Finally, understanding the beliefs and traditions of other cultures enables students to better understand their own religious beliefs. Through the language courses we offer, we hope to develop young men with the knowledge, intellectual acuity, self-discipline, and heart to change the world.  

Special Topics 

  • Greek 
  • Etymology 
  • ​Mythology   

AP Courses 

  • French
  • Latin 
  • Spanish 

Related Opportunities 

  • Languages Week and Chariot Races 
  • Latin Club, French Club, Spanish Club 
  • Grade School Language Programs 
  • Foreign Exchange Program 


Through our Foreign Exchange program, students will host an exchange student from Spain and then spend two weeks abroad with his family. 

Faculty & Staff