School Counseling

Cura Adult Mentoring Program (CAMP)

The Jesuits have an affinity for the Latin term "cura personalis," translated roughly as "care for the whole person." In the spirit of cura personalis, the Counseling Department and the Walton Center for learning have partnered to establish an innovative service known as the Cura Adult Mentoring Program (CAMP).

Dozens of faculty and staff members have offered to work in a one-on-one mentoring capacity with the students. The purpose of the program is very simple; to pair students who need to know that someone here cares about them with the people who do. The adult mentors would meet with the students a minimum of once a month in whatever capacity both agree to. ANY student is welcome for ANY reason. Perhaps they lack positive male role models in their personal life, or lost a mom to cancer, or are exceedingly shy or not feeling connected here at school.

This is not a tutoring program, nor is it intended to usurp the roles of counselors or campus ministers or others who provide support services here at school. CAMP is simply an opportunity to expose more students to more of the marvelously gifted and compassionate people who work here.

If you feel you know someone who may benefit from this program, please complete the form below. Referrals can come from parents, teachers or the student himself and are handled sensitively, as is group participation.

Here are some highlights of the program:

  • A Saint Ignatius High School specific school-wide reflection of cura personalis
  • Highlights the commitment of our faculty/staff to provide cura personalis for your sons
  • Dozens of different faculty and staff members have offered (on a completely voluntary basis) to serve as mentors/role models to ANY student identified by himself, a parent or an adult on campus as likely to benefit
  • Adults are committed to meeting at least once per month on a 1-on-1 basis with the student to provide support, encouragement or motivation