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Student Support Services

At Saint Ignatius High School, we aim to provide opportunities and services for students beyond the classroom, including support for mental health, college and career planning, and tutoring and special education services. Learn more about the services offered at Saint Ignatius High School as part of our Cura Peronalis Program.

At Saint Ignatius High School, we aim to provide opportunities and services for students beyond the classroom, including support for mental health, college and career planning, and tutoring and special education services.  This wrap-around approach is known as Cura Peronalis or care for the whole person.  The idea of Cura Peronalis is a core value of Jesuit Education.  Below are some of the services we offer here at Saint Ignatius High School as part of our Cura Peronalis Program.

For more about the Cura Peronalis Program, please reach out to the Assistant Principal for Student Support Services, Ms. Emily Samek at

Academic Support Resources: Tutoring Options

If a student is struggling with academic content, we have many options available.  Please review the list below.  If you have any questions or you are not sure which option is best, please reach out to the student’s school counselor.  If you do not know who your student’s school counselor is, please contact Mrs. Elizabeth Emerick,, and she will direct you to the right person.

Teacher Office Hours

If a student is struggling with a class, his first option should be to see his own teacher during office hours.  Every teacher offers extra time and help in their course - this is what “office hours” are.  Students do not need to sign up, they can just show up.  If a student needs support during a time not listed on office hours, they should reach out to that teacher in person or over email.

Here are the office hours listings for all teachers including the two days they have office hours, along with times and locations: OFFICE HOURS LINK

Math Lab

The Mathematics Faculty tutor in addition to their office hours.  They are available for any student, even if they do not teach them!  Students do not need to sign up. Math teachers are available in the Math Lab during the following times in the Math Lab in Loyola Hall, 2nd floor, room 224:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Formation Period: 12:55 - 1:40
  • Wednesday Formation Period: 1:20 - 1:40
  • ​​All lunch periods

Streicher Writing Lab

In addition to their office hours, the English Faculty are available during student free periods to support students with writing in their English classes along with writing needs for any other class.  Students do not need to sign up.  They can meet with any English teacher - they do not have to see their own teacher.  The Streicher Writing Lab is on the 4th floor, Main Building in room 414A.

Teachers are available for the first half of the period and the semester’s schedule is as follows:

Class B Class C Class D Class E Class F Class G
Ohlemacher, Molly Yappel, Paul McCafferty '97, Terence Colborn, Elizabeth Beach, Thomas Bradesca '88, Daniel

Language Tutoring

The Languages Department organizes drop in tutoring during lunch and Formation. Any student can drop in for tutoring for the language noted in the schedule. Students do not need to sign-up.  The schedule for the languages teachers is:

Monday Tuesday  Wednesday   Thursday Friday

Jose Torres Spanish 

Main Building Room 319 12:20-1:40 pm

Milton Turner Spanish/French Main Building Room 317 12:20-1:40 pm
Elisa Bredendiek Spanish/French Main Building Room 315 12:20-1:40 pm

Sara Sebring Spanish 

Main Building Room 313 12:20-1:40 pm

Matt Walcutt


Main Building Room 217 12:20-1:40 pm


Chris Laco Latin/Greek

Main Building  Room 217 12:20-1:40 pm

Peer Conferencing Center (PCC) 

A free service for writing for any class is available all periods of the day through our Peer Conferencing Center, or “The PCC.”  The PCC is staffed by the top student writers; writers are selected by invitation.  The PCC is located on the 4th floor of the Main Building next to the English office.  It is staffed during the formation period, after school, and during most class periods for any student that is free.  A full schedule will be posted HERE in early September.

Peer Tutoring

The peer tutoring program matches student tutors with those students in need of support with a specific course.  Peer tutoring will be available beginning in early September.  Please check back here or in the Daily Announcements.  Until then, students should seek support from their teachers during teacher office hours

The Walton Center

The Walton Center is a space primarily designated for students needing regular academic support or intervention.  This includes students on service plans, students returning to school from an extended absence, or students that need more intensive academic support.  It is staffed by three full-time faculty: two Intervention Specialists and an Academic Coach. Students are assigned to these faculty as part of their schedule.  

The Walton Center has additional tutoring supports available to any student. The Walton Center is located next to the library on the first floor of the Main Building, room 131. Students can come into the Walton Center for these tutoring services, no appointment needed.

History (All History Courses, Government), and Theology

Ms. Dolores Bielecki (Ms. B) is available in the Walton Center for drop-in tutoring services from 10:00am - 3:00pm each day. If you would like to meet with her at a different time or after school, she is often available by appointment.  Meet with her in person, in the Walton Center, to make an appointment.


Mr. Brian Becker is our math tutor available from 7:30am - 2:00 pm all days except Wednesdays. 


A science tutor is available for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in the Walton Center.  The tutor is not available all days; drop-in to the Walton Center to learn more.  No appointment needed.  Science tutors this year include Mr. John Cooney, Mr. Ed Nolan, and Mr. Brandon Foster.


If you believe your student is in need of more intensive support, please reach out to his school counselor to help navigate if the Walton Center is the right fit for him.  If you do not know who your student’s school counselor is, please contact Mrs. Elizabeth Emerick,, and she will direct you to the right person.


If you have additional questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to the Assistant Principal for Student Support Services, Emily Samek:

Romero Scholars

The Romero Scholars Program was designed to provide an innovative academic support program established by the school in order to help selected students thrive in the challenging academic environment at Saint Ignatius. This program seeks to provide opportunities for students beyond what is offered in the classroom.

The benefits of being a Romero Scholar include daily/weekly sessions as assigned in the Walton Center for Learning as well as individualized attention from tutors. 

The summer before their freshman year, all Romero Scholars are required to attend the Summer Bridge Program. The Summer Bridge Program takes place on the campus of Saint Ignatius High School and is conducted by our faculty and staff. This program provides students the best chance to become oriented with our campus and class structure, learn organization and study habits, and build relationships with their peers, faculty and staff.

Service Plans (Cura Plans)

At Saint Ignatius High School, we recognize that all students learn differently and aim to give them what they need to find success.  We are able to offer a limited number of accommodations to those students who currently have an IEP, SEGO plan, 504 plan, or service plan.  We call these plans “Service Plans;” for many years they were known as “Cura Plans.”  We are not able to fully accommodate most IEPs.  Saint Ignatius High School does not modify any curriculum based on a student’s need or disability.   

All students’ documentation is reviewed by our School Psychologist, Mrs. Bethany Baker. At that time, it is determined which accommodations are available for that particular student.  She then writes the Service Plan and distributes it to the teachers.  If a family is curious about whether or not a potential student’s needs can be accommodated at Saint Ignatius High School, they can contact Mrs. Baker at

Saint Ignatius aims to be an inclusive environment, meeting students where they are.  We have current students diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, specific learning disorders, and other diagnosed learning disabilities.  Students may receive accommodations including extended time, preferential seating, distraction-free testing space, and support from teachers to break assignments into smaller segments.  We have two Intervention Specialists and an Academic Coach that are able to serve a limited number of students in a small group setting during students’ free periods or before or after school.  We do not offer extended time on homework assignments or in-class assignments.  We also do not offer specialized instruction for students with disabilities.  With over 100 students on Service Plans each year, we are proud to serve our students that may need accommodations to access the rigorous Saint Ignatius curriculum.


Advisory Program

Advisory is the call to Cura Personalis, or the care of the whole person. It provides students the opportunity to explore ways to explore the grad-at-grad qualities open to growth and loving across a series of lessons and opportunities to be in community with a teacher and their peers. 

What is Advisory?  It is homeroom + community time for all students. All faculty members are assigned as advisors, and meet with a group of students once a week.  Freshmen and Sophomores meet on Tuesdays during the “formation period” and focus on the high school transition.  Juniors and Seniors meet on Thursdays during the formation period.

Each meeting starts with prayer, daily announcements, and a curricular “lesson.”  College counselors will deliver content during some weeks for juniors and seniors.  Some of the faith formation experiences happen during Advisory; each class has one class Mass per semester, along with Eucharistic Adoration.  Some lesson topics include internet safety and academic integrity.  

Student Support Services Staff