Saint Ignatius Entrepreneur Academy

SIEntA, the Saint Ignatius Entrepreneur Academy, is a hybrid educational program that provides students with curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. Club activities are open to all four class levels. Classes are open to juniors and seniors.

At the end of four years, students can apply for a pre-entrepreneur study credential.  This may be used in applying to college-level business school.

Club Activities:

  • Field trips
  • Weekly meetings
  • Guest speakers
  • $100,000 Challenge Stock Game
  • Ignatius Shark Tank — The Saint Ignatius incubator — $1000 in startup capital available
  • Paid summer internships
  • Veale Entrepreneurs Business Plan Competition

Club activities and discussions follow the curriculum of the Entrepreneur Studies class. This ensures that every student be exposed to the core content of an introductory entrepreneurship class.


  • Entrepreneur Studies
  • Standard Economics
  • Economics Forum (college-style class)
  • AP Economics (Micro Economics and Macroeconomics)
  • Personal finance (self-guided online course created by Ignatius faculty to fulfill state requirement)

In order to be vested in the program and earn the graduation credential, a student must achieve the following:

  1. Attend club meetings whenever possible.
  2. Participate in our business plan and stock game competitions.

Take two of the following three classes and score a “B-“ or higher:

  • Entrepreneur Studies
  • Standard Economics
  • Economics Forum (college-style class)
  • AP Economics (Micro Economics and Macroeconomics)

AlphaJump! Catapult Competition

AlphaJump is a group of ten active Catholic grade schools that joined together to learn about entrepreneurship through an extracurricular and/or class in order to compete in business pitch competitions. Each school in the program receives seed money from Saint Ignatius High School to launch their plans which involve creativity, cooperation, research and critical thinking.

The six presenters at the most recent Catapult competition were from St. Mark, St. Christopher, St. Angela Merici, St. Raphael, St. Dominic and Immaculate Heart of Mary. The following teams finished in the top three places, earning prizes of $1000, $250, and $100 respectively:
  1. Amore Hockey Supply, Logan Amore of Immaculate Heart of Mary
    An inexpensive and collapsible hockey training aid

  2. RZ Gardening, Ryan Zix of St. Angela
    A watering can that magnetizes your water and boosts garden yield

  3. Carefree Concussion, Grace Soltesz and Maeve Spicer of St. Raphael
    A QR tag system to track an athlete's baseline concussion data to be easily accessible to first responders.

Congratulations to all participants and we encourage you to keep the ideas coming! A special thank you to our judges Joe Corsaro '03, George Moy '89, William Whitmore and Alex Champan. If you're interested in joining AlphaJump, contact history teacher and SIEntA moderator, Dan Hess '88 at


AlphaJump! Surveys 2017

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