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COVID-19 has presented a tremendous challenge for Saint Ignatius High School to balance our mission of providing an academically rigorous, Catholic, Jesuit education along with the health and safety recommendations of leading healthcare experts. A team of administrators and faculty worked diligently so that our students and teachers could return to the classroom.

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The Welsh Academy

The Welsh Academy began in the 1990s as a dream of then-Saint Ignatius President Rev. Robert J. Welsh, S.J. ’54. His desire was to create a school for urban middle school boys who could be academically successful at a college-prep school like Saint Ignatius if given the right opportunities. Now, Fr. Welsh’s dream is a reality.

I believe in educational equity, the City of Cleveland and opportunity. These ideas along with a strong connection to Jesuit spirituality and love of Fr. Welsh brought me to the Academy.

Mary Ann Vogel, Ed.D.
Principal, The Welsh Academy
Mary Ann Vogel, Ed.D.<br>Principal, The Welsh Academy image


The Welsh Academy, like Saint Ignatius High School, is for boys only and offers a curriculum based in Jesuit ideals and Catholic theology. The academy is a middle school – grades 6 through 8 – for students who primarily live in Cleveland, its inner-ring suburbs, and who attend either public or charter schools. Potential Welsh Academy students demonstrate personal commitment and academic promise though most may not have had opportunities that allow them to reach their fullest promise and potential. The Welsh Academy provides the formation that is the hallmark of Jesuit education.

The Welsh Academy is an entity within Saint Ignatius High School and academy students have access to the campus and facilities. Opportunities for Welsh Academy students to participate in all-campus events, to work with Saint Ignatius faculty, as well as to partner with current high school students, and the local community are being designed to help build stronger understandings of others among all who are part of the Saint Ignatius School community.

The academy welcomes 25 boys per grade for a rigorous and enriching educational experience. The ultimate goal of The Welsh Academy is to prepare students academically, socially, spiritually and culturally for the rigors of a college-prep high school. With the strength of a Welsh Academy foundation, our alumni will emerge from high school as men, equipped for career success, who will affect systemic change as leaders dedicated to transforming their neighborhoods, the City of Cleveland and the world.

In the News

In June, Crains Cleveland covered the opening of The Welsh Academy online.

In Februrary, WKYC-Channel 3 featured The Welsh Academy in their local news broadcasts:

  • Mission Statement

    Inspired by the Catholic faith in the Jesuit tradition, The Welsh Academy serves the unique needs of early adolescent boys of modest economic means in their journey of becoming Men for Others. Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Welsh Academy shares the mission and life of Saint Ignatius High School, forming boys to grow in faith, leadership, academic excellence, and the desire for lifelong learning.

  • Support The Welsh Academy

    We've worked hard creating a plan for this school. Now you can help bring Fr. Welsh's dream to reality. Several opportunities are available for your support.

  • Aligning Jesuit identity and Catholic faith

    The Welsh Academy is tied directly to our mission, reflecting Jesuit spirituality through the service of faith and promotion of justice. We’ve been blessed with grace and goodwill and are called to share the beauty of our faith.

The Welsh Academy Staff