Scholarship Drive

The 84th annual Scholarship Drive runs from January 21 - March 4, 2022. Purchase your tickets for a chance to win $50,000 and support tuition assistance at Saint Ignatius.

Saint Ignatius High School

Support The Welsh Academy

We've worked hard creating a plan for this school. Now you can help support the continued realization of Fr. Welsh's dream. Several opportunities are available for your support.

With conservative projections, The Welsh Academy costs approximately $20,000 per student at capacity. This estimate covers a 10-month school year, with a 10-hour school day and is fully inclusive, including staffing, food, and transportation costs.

Several opportunities are available for your support – through student sponsorship, gifts towards the construction of The Welsh Academy building, or endowment. Read more about these opportunities below or make a gift using our online donation form. If you're interested in supporting endowment or the academy building, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement.

The Welsh Academy is an opportunity for encounter. Our lives are enriched when we come together with others from different backgrounds. Academy students enrich the life of Saint Ignatius High School, bringing their gifts along with new perspectives.

Rev. Raymond P. Guiao, S.J. '82
President, Saint Ignatius High School

  • Student Sponsorship

    There is much evidence that a smaller school can do wonders for a student. Through The Welsh Academy, we can change the trajectory of 25 boys per year, preparing them for success in high school and, eventually, college. Your support will go far in transforming the lives of these students. The tuition is higher to reflect the unique curriculum of The Welsh Academy. School days – and school years – are longer to allow more time for teacher/student relationship-building, project learning and preparation for the academic rigors of high school.

  • The Building

    The major capital cost associated with the Academy school is the refurbishment of the Foursquare Church with DLR Group whose core areas of design expertise include K-12 education. Although the structure is sound, it is in need of complete renovation. Preliminary estimates suggest that the cost of this renovation is roughly $5-6 million dollars.

  • Endowment

    Our goal is to support the student and his family in ways that eliminate all external barriers to his eventual success. This means that we ask for no financial contribution from the student's family. Instead, we ask for his commitment to his studies and his family's commitment to our community.