Saint Ignatius High School

Next Steps: Class of 2027

Congratulations on your enrollment in the Saint Ignatius High School Class of 2027. Families and students can use this page for all of the necessary forms and information. Here you will find essential information about forms that need to be completed, a list of resources, important dates for the first weeks back to school, etc.

At Saint Ignatius High School, we await with joyful anticipation the 2023-2024 school year. Faculty, staff, and administration are excited to welcome students to campus!

Families and students can use this page for all of the necessary forms and information. Here you will find essential information about forms that need to be completed, a list of resources, important dates for the first weeks back to school, etc. 

Please note that additional information will be sent from the Principal's Office in early July.

Orientation Dates and Times:

  • Thursday, August 17 and Friday, August 18 - Freshman Orientation Days from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Students should report to the Breen Center for Performing Arts.
  • Monday, August 21 - First full day of courses. Classes begin at 8:25 a.m. and end at 3:05 p.m.

Please Complete the Following Tasks:

1. Complete the Confidential Student Background Questionnaire and email to by 7/15/23.

2. Complete a school physical, signed and stamped by a physician's office, and email to by 7/15/23.

3. If your son has health concerns that will require special attention from the school nurse such as requiring medication at school, self-carry epi pens or asthma inhalers, emergency plans for seizures, severe allergies, or asthma and diabetes management plans, there are additional forms that will need to be completed by a healthcare professional and returned to the school along with the physical. These forms can be found here.

4. If your son is planning on participating in any school sports or weight room training, you must also complete the OHSAA Sports Physical Form, signed and stamped by a physician’s office, and return it before practice for that sport begins. Students will not be able to participate in school sports without an up to date OHSAA Sports Physical Form on file. Forms will also be available on FinalForms. Completed forms may be dropped off in the Athletic Department or scanned and uploaded to FinalForms.

5. Review the Class of 2027 Summer Shopping List to adequately prepare for the 2023-2024 school year. 

6. Complete your FinalForms activation prior to Freshman Orientation on 8/17/23. All incoming families received their FinalForms login information via email on 5/16/23. Learn more about FinalForms.

8. Complete the Class of 2027 Admissions Survey by 7/15/23. Honest feedback from our incoming families is incredibly helpful in continuing to attract the best students to our school.

Summer Reading: 

The English Department is eager to welcome you all to Saint Ignatius High School! This summer we ask that you spend some time engaged in active summer reading. Descriptions of the titles are provided in the PDF here.

Academic Calendar: 

Please review our school calendar with important dates for the 2023-2024 academic year. 
  • Parent/Student Email

    Saint Ignatius High School issued one parent and one student email account to all incoming families in April. Emails will be sent to this address on a regular basis. Account information was emailed to the preferred parent email address on file. If you have questions about activating this account, please reach out to Mrs. Nikki Van Hise at

  • Carpool Information

    Parents interested in arranging for carpool transportation will need to grant consent to share contact information with other Saint Ignatius families. This consent form will be available on FinalForms.

  • School Counseling

    Did you know that Saint Ignatius High School offers accommodations plans for students with learning disabilities? If your student is currently on a learning plan (service plan, IEP, 504, SEGO, etc.) please contact our School Psychologist and Special Education Coordinator, Bethany Baker, at your earliest convenience at

  • BYOT Device Specifications

    Saint Ignatius High School encourages students and parents to use the following information to help guide them in selecting a device for the mandatory BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) program.

  • Important Dates

    Use the Yearly Planner to save the date for important events throughout the academic year from August 2023 through May 2024. Dates are subject to change and all changes will be communicated with parents directly.

  • Safety & Security

    The safety and security of your son along with all of our students, faculty, staff and visitors is a priority for the Administration of our school. In fact, safety and security in our school and around our campus is a hallmark of our culture.

  • Traffic & Parking

    Saint Ignatius High School is located in the heart of the Ohio City neighborhood. As with any urban neighborhood, security, parking and traffic congestion can be a challenge from time to time. However, with proper planning, patience and common sense, we can ensure that our students can arrive and depart school without safely and without issue each day, while ensuring our neighbors are not unnecessarily inconvenienced by the daily flow of traffic in and out of the Saint Ignatius High School Campus.

  • Program of Studies

    In order to graduate from Saint Ignatius High School, members of the Class of 2027 require a minimum number of 24.5 credits. These include state mandated units as well as additional courses required by the school in particular disciplines.

  • Medical Conditions and Required Forms

    A Saint Ignatius High School Physical Examination Form and Immunization Record is required for all students and must be completed and mailed back to us before your son can join his classmates on campus. Students with other medical conditions can use this page to download and complete the appropriate forms prior to the first day of school.