Saint Ignatius High School

Welcome to the Class of 2024

Congratulations on your enrollment in the Saint Ignatius High School Class of 2024. In lieu of in-person Course Registration meetings, please use this page to register for classes, request higher level language courses and review important information before the first day of classes.
Due to current events we have to cancel our Course Registration meetings that were originally scheduled between April 16 and April 23, 2020. Instead, we have made all information necessary for course registration available for online submission.

We are sorry we will not be able to meet with our incoming families in person, but we hope to make this online process as easy as possible.

Next Steps

  1. Download and review the Course Registration FAQ document.
  2. Complete the Course Registration form below by May 6, 2020. All students who complete this form will be registered for Theology, Algebra I, English, Biology, and World History. You have two course selections to make for Langauges and Fine Arts. You will also have the ability to sign up for optional summer courses should you choose to do so.
  3. Apply for higher level Language and Math courses if you choose. Because we are unable to host in-person placement exams, we are asking those students who wish to take a higher level language or math course to apply to be considered for placement. Applications can be found below.
  4. Set up your school-issued parent email account. You received an email with your school-issued email address and password. Please follow the instructions to set up your account as we will use this to communicate important updates going forward. If you have any trouble logging in or need assistance setting up email forwarding, please contact Nikki Van Hise at

    *Please note that due to the situation with COVID-19 some plans will be shifted as necessary. We ask you to be patient with us as we naviagate these new waters. Please continue to check your school-issued parent email accounts as we will use that to communicate imporant updates as thy become available. You can rest easy knowing we will do our best to ensure that everyone has all necessary paperwork completed before the beginning of the school year. We are excited to welcome you to Saint Ignatius High School.

  • Course Registration

    All incoming freshmen must submit their Course Registration Form online before May 6, 2020. If you have questions about Course Registration, contact your school counselor as listed in the FAQ document.

  • Language Placement Application

    The Languages Department of Saint Ignatius High School invites the incoming freshmen who, in elementary school, have had significant exposure to Latin, French, or Spanish, to apply for a higher level language course. This will help to determine the student’s level of proficiency so that we may be able to correctly place him in the appropriate language level.

  • Math Testing and Placement

    In the Saint Ignatius Math Department, we consider placement for incoming students to be an integral piece of the puzzle for their future success in our program. We use as many data points as possible to determine the most appropriate course for your son’s first year. These include the placements exams, input from grade school teachers, the admissions exam, and other input from the admissions file.

Questions? Let us know!