Saint Ignatius High School

Welcome to the Class of 2022

Congratulations on your enrollment in the Saint Ignatius High School Class of 2022. Please use this page to register for classes, sign up for placement testing and review important information before the first day of classes.
  • Course Registration

    The automated course selection is now closed. You may still share your course choices for Fine Arts and Language by contacting the scheduler directly. Please call Mr. Andrew Johnson at (216) 651-0222 ext. 396 or email

  • Math Testing and Placement

    In the Saint Ignatius Math Department, we consider placement for incoming students to be an integral piece of the puzzle for their future success in our program. We use as many data points as possible to determine the most appropriate course for your son’s first year. These include the placements exams, input from grade school teachers, the admissions exam, and other input from the admissions file. As we have in the past, we will request recommendation information from students’ 8th grade math teachers. The student or his family will not need to acquire this recommendation as we will manage this process.

  • Language Testing & Placement

    The Languages Department of Saint Ignatius High School invites the incoming freshmen who, in elementary school, have had significant exposure to Latin, French, or Spanish, to take a placement test. The purpose of this test is to determine the student’s level of proficiency so that we may be able to correctly place him in the appropriate language level. Online registration is now closed. Please contact for more information.

  • Athletic Department Information

    Saint Ignatius offers a very fine interscholastic athletic program to all of our students. In the fall we offer football, soccer, cross-country, and golf. The winter sports are basketball, wrestling, ice hockey, bowling, and swimming- diving. The spring sports include baseball, crew, lacrosse, rugby, track, tennis, and volleyball. Freshmen have teams of their own in most of these sports, but may play on a junior varsity or varsity team when there is not a separate freshman team in that sport.

  • BYOT Guidelines

    Saint Ignatius High School encourages students and parents to use the following information to help guide them in selecting a device for the mandatory BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) program. Please be sure to consider size, operating system, and price to find a device that fits with your family budget; iPads, iPods and smartphones (including iPhones, Windows Phones, and Droids) are NOT acceptable BYOT devices.

  • Health and Wellness

    All students must complete a Physical Examination form and Immunization History form by June 14, 2018. Families should also review our school's Health and Wellness Policy. Before the first day of school, there are also several forms that need to be completed for the School Nurse if your son has medical conditions.

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