Saint Ignatius High School

The Campaign for Vision '30

Vision '30 is a deliberate, prayerful, and collaborative experience of communal discernment. It is the process that will take Saint Ignatius High School through the next decade.

Saint Ignatius High School Campus Addition & Renovation


    Saint Ignatius High School Announces $10 Million Commitment from Brittan and Fred DiSanto ’80 and Moves to Next Phase of The Campaign for Vision ’30

  • Campus Addition & Renovation

    A bold vision and commitment to the next 100 years of Jesuit education in Cleveland.

  • Academic Preparation

    We need to prepare students academically to be Ignatian leaders in an increasingly diverse, global, digital, collaborative, and unpredictable world through innovative curricular design, a unified culture of professional learning by our teachers, and an unswerving commitment to student centered Ignatian pedagogy. Saint Ignatius is committed to advancing what we have always done well: academic excellence.

  • Affordability & Enrollment

    Annual distributions from our endowment are a critical source of funding for financial aid, as keeping Saint Ignatius affordable is yet another one of our strategic commitments. In addition, we will continue to focus on annual fundraising for tuition assistance through the Annual Fund, Christmas Concert and Scholarship Drive.

  • Faith Formation

    How can we form men in the Catholic tradition, committed to a faith that does justice and prepared to promote the Gospel values of equity and inclusion in an increasingly diverse and secular world?

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