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Pre-Med Society

The widely growing Pre-Med Society introduces students to the medical world through extracurricular lectures, fairs, demonstrations and field trips. All students with an interest in working in medicine are welcome to join. Many alumni in healthcare fields support this popular initiative.

“Through the Pre-Med Society, we are giving kids real world experience in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare. It’s another way we take teaching beyond the classroom walls.”

Tara Henderson
Science Teacher, Director of Pre-Health Program
Tara Henderson<br>Science Teacher, Director of Pre-Health Program image

The club is in existence to inform youth of the Saint Ignatius student body about the medical profession. The society has guest speakers, volunteer opportunities, and activities (e.g. Health Fair) to promote interest and expand knowledge about the medical profession. Membership to this society is open to all grade levels of Saint Ignatius High School.

From Saint Ignatius Magazine in Spring 2015:

The Pre-Med Society came about in 2011 after students approached [Ms. Tara] Henderson, a biology and chemistry teacher, expressing interest in starting a club geared toward the medical profession. It proved so popular that Henderson, the moderator, and Michael R. Anderson, M.D., hatched a plan to create a credit-bearing Health Sciences Program at the school...

All freshmen are required to take biology, but qualified students who are interested in pre-med are invited to take a special honors biology class... Health Sciences Program students will take a total of five years of science, including two science classes as seniors: any level of Physics and the Anatomy & Physiology course. Students completing the program receive a certificate upon graduation.

“The program gives students early, real-world exposure to physicians already in practice.” – Michael Anderson, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, University Hospitals

Members of the Pre-Med Society who are not in the academic Health Sciences Program still have access to many events and opportunities, including on-campus presentations by physicians, shadowing and internships. There are also tours of clinics, universities and hospitals, as well as volunteer opportunities. Seniors will have a chance to observe a college-level anatomy class in which cadavers are used for teaching purposes...

The Pre-Med Society, in partnership with Lutheran Hospital, holds an annual Health Symposium and Fair at Saint Ignatius. The event is open to students, faculty, and administrators, and includes student-led discussions on topics such as stress management and personal wellness.

Pre-Health Faculty & Staff