Global Education Department

Dominican Republic Mission Trip
Two weeks in early June

This trip offers both exciting experiences but also major physical and emotional challenges.  Students need to be prepared for very primitive living conditions: possibly no showers, toilet facilities, no air conditioning in hot conditions, etc.  Meals will be simple, local food, prepared in a sanitary fashion and eaten with our whole group.  Through this experience, participants are encouraged to reflect upon how the Gospel of Jesus calls us to develop committed relationships of solidarity with our sisters and brothers living on the margins of society. 

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El Salvador Mission Trip
One week in mid July

Campus Plan 2013-14 Since 2005, Saint Ignatius High School has sponsored summer mission trips to El Salvador.  Participants travel through many regions of El Salvador, using the capital, San Salvador, as the starting point. This trip is organized as an educational and faith-formation experience.  This is not a service trip, and students will not be engaging in service work during this trip.  The group will visit sites important in the struggle of the Salvadoran people against socio-economic conditions and the physical and psychological damage of the civil war, which ended in 1992.

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