Our Mission is Essential

Our plan to open school in August reflects the input of our faculty, our parents and healthcare experts. With a shared desire for the health and well being of our community, several protocols will be in place. While school may look different, our goal of providing our students with an academically rigorous, Catholic education in the Jesuit tradition remains unchanged.

Saint Ignatius High School

Returning to School for the 2020-2021 Year

Our plans for the upcoming school year at Saint Ignatius High School are the result of months of planning and reflect several of the suggestions populated by COVID-19 response teams made up of faculty, staff, Board members and health experts.

The COVID-19 context presents a tremendous challenge for Saint Ignatius High School to balance our mission of providing a rigorous, Catholic, Jesuit education and the health and safety recommendations of leading healthcare experts. These challenges demand courageous humility. The following principles were developed by the administrative team:

  1. Remain rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our mission, and the best science and research available. 

  2. Address the health and safety needs of our students, faculty and staff, particularly those most vulnerable. 

  3. Provide an excellent, holistic, rigorous, Catholic, Jesuit education - “This is a different way of doing school - but our shared mission remains the same.”

  4. Promote innovation, collaboration, and experimentation.

  5. Empower others to lead.

  6. Develop a culture of connectivity and encounter.

  7. Ensure academic integrity and accountability.

  8. Build resilience, flexibility, and adaptability. 

  9. Pursue financial stewardship and sustainability. 

These principles - along with the essential question of “What is best for our students?” - were at the forefront of our discernment about how to reopen school in August 2020.
Saint Ignatius High School's plan is subject to change based on our evolving understanding of COVID-19 and its impact. Check this website often for the latest information.