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Please refer to our news post with the latest updates and announcements from Saint Ignatius High School regarding the coronavirus.

Years in Passing - Alumni Updates

We'll share your news (promotion/job change, award, wedding, birth, etc.) in the next issue of Saint Ignatius Magazine. Please send your updates to

When submitting a birth announcement, please include month, date and year of your child's birth, child's gender, your child's first and middle names and both parents' names. When submitting a wedding announcement, please include month, date and year of your wedding, your class year and your spouse's full name.


Send a photograph of you wearing or holding Saint Ignatius gear while traveling or working out of the country. Make sure the photo includes a landmark or point of interest. Tell us where and why the photo was taken. Include your full name, class year, address, phone number, email address and occupation. When shooting digital images, set your camera to the largest format to achieve the highest resolution.

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