Saint Ignatius High School

Why Should I Make a Retreat? FAQ

The Spirituality Program for Adults (S.P.A.) offers a variety of retreat programs for parents, alumni, grandparents, coaches, neighbors, and friends of Saint Ignatius High School. Our S.P.A. staff are asked a variety of questions about the content, form and purpose of such retreats. Here, they answer many of the most frequently asked questions.
Who is this for? What is it?
Come and See” and the “Men’s Ignatian Retreat” are for anyone who wants to grow in intimacy with Jesus through guided, time-tested methods of Christian prayer.  Each week, a spiritual director will share a theme from the Spiritual Exercises, model prayer, and facilitate faith sharing. You will be provided with scripture and meditations to pray with at home. 
Why should I consider this as a parent of a Saint Ignatius student?
“The purpose of a Saint Ignatius education is to give a young man the tools whereby he can answer the question, 'What does God want from me?'" (Fr. Robert Welsh, S.J. ’54).  One of the greatest things you can do as a parent is to model your own response to this question by taking steps to grow in your faith. You can’t give what you don’t have. These retreats offer an opportunity to nurture your faith as you continue to guide your son in his. Making an Ignatian retreat will also give you a glimpse into the spirituality in which your son is being formed at Saint Ignatius.
What is the cost?
There is no cost. There is a suggested free will offering at the end of the retreat if you are able.
I’m not Catholic. Is this for me?
Yes! These retreats are designed for anyone interested in growing their relationship with God. Ignatian Spirituality draws on centuries old traditions of Christian prayer which offer the one praying a unique opportunity to encounter Christ.
I’m not a part of the Saint Ignatius High School community. Can I attend?
Yes! This is open to parents, alumni, and friends of Saint Ignatius Community, which means you!
Is the “Come and See” retreat just for women?
The “Come and See” Retreat is for both men and women. Additionally, “The Men’s Retreat” is offered each Fall and is just for men. Each share the gifts of Ignatian Spirituality.
I’ve already done a past retreat. Why should I do another one?
God speaks in different ways in different times through different people. You’ll find that even if you’ve participated in a retreat before, God has something new to say to you now!