Saint Ignatius High School

A Family Reflects on Taizé Prayer

As Saint Ignatius prepares for another Taizé prayer service on Sunday, the Hazard family offers some thought as to why Taizé is a meaningful hour of prayer.

We look forward to the monthly Taizé prayer experience in St. Mary of the Assumption Chapel. Taizé is a refreshing way to spend an hour together as a family on a Sunday evening. What attracts us the most is how Taizé appeals to all our senses to create a powerful prayer experience.

The sights – Soft candle light in the chapel, beautiful pictures of Christ, members of the Saint Ignatius community deep in prayer, watching the individual tapered candles everyone holds combine into a powerful flame and seeing our family pray together. These sights help our family visualize the power of prayer.

The sounds – Beautiful music, listening to the Gospel and rhythmic songs that help us clear our minds. These soothing sounds enable our family to listen for God’s voice.

The smells – The holy smell of the chapel and, of course, the smell of Mitchell’s ice cream after Taizé. These smells help set the stage for our prayer.

The feelings – Togetherness, gratitude, being moved, quiet time with Jesus and holiness. These feelings are the result of the unique Taizé experience.

Taizé touches all our senses to deliver a powerful, memorable and effective prayer experience. We can’t wait for the next one!

- The Hazard Family

Please join us in St. Mary's Chapel for the next Taizé prayer.