39th Annual Christmas Concert

Join us Sunday, December 3rd for the Saint Ignatius High School Christmas Concert with the Cleveland Orchestra and Chorus at Severance Music Center

Saint Ignatius High School

A Family Reflects on Taizé Prayer

As Saint Ignatius prepares for another Taizé prayer service on Sunday, the Hazard family offers some thought as to why Taizé is a meaningful hour of prayer.

We look forward to the monthly Taizé prayer experience in St. Mary of the Assumption Chapel. Taizé is a refreshing way to spend an hour together as a family on a Sunday evening. What attracts us the most is how Taizé appeals to all our senses to create a powerful prayer experience.

The sights – Soft candle light in the chapel, beautiful pictures of Christ, members of the Saint Ignatius community deep in prayer, watching the individual tapered candles everyone holds combine into a powerful flame and seeing our family pray together. These sights help our family visualize the power of prayer.

The sounds – Beautiful music, listening to the Gospel and rhythmic songs that help us clear our minds. These soothing sounds enable our family to listen for God’s voice.

The smells – The holy smell of the chapel and, of course, the smell of Mitchell’s ice cream after Taizé. These smells help set the stage for our prayer.

The feelings – Togetherness, gratitude, being moved, quiet time with Jesus and holiness. These feelings are the result of the unique Taizé experience.

Taizé touches all our senses to deliver a powerful, memorable and effective prayer experience. We can’t wait for the next one!

- The Hazard Family

Please join us in St. Mary's Chapel for the next Taizé prayer.