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Join us Friday, May 31 – Saturday, June 1! Events are open to all alumni and celebrating milestone anniversaries for classes ending in 4 & 9.

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Etymology Word of the Week

Director of Admissions Pat O'Rourke '90, a self-proclaimed "word nerd," brings you his Etymology Word of the Week. Every other week he presents an online Etymology lesson just for fun!
Postpone - "to put off to a later time; to defer.”  From the Latin preposition post meaning “after,” and the Latin verb pono, ponere, posui, positum meaning “put, place.”  (All information is from, and/or

RELATED WORDS/PHRASES – position, posit, preposition, positive

SAMPLE SENTENCE - “All parents of children who play spring sports in Northeast Ohio know that games are often postponed due to rain.”

GUESS THE APHORISM:  If at first you don’t succeed... (scroll for answer)

A: ...try, try again.