Saint Ignatius High School

A Letter from the Learning Coach

Mr. De'Shaun Adair '14 serves as the Learning Coach for The Welsh Academy, in which he serves as a counselor, mentor and academic support for the middle school students. In the transition to online learning, he offers this advice to students and families.

Hello Welsh families,

Please know of my prayers and good thoughts for each of your families as we continue to live during this time of COVID-19. I hope you feel the support and love of the Welsh adult team as we navigate distance learning and as we work hard to continue the great work that started with your boys back in August. Please find just a couple of reminders from me below...

1. ROUTINE. Please keep your son in a routine as we continue learning virtually. It is important that your son keeps up with the routine as it pertains to his education. Please help your sons to make a schedule of classes, office hours, morning meeting, and meals during the virtual school day. Put this schedule somewhere in your homes where both you and your son can see it. 

2. STUDENT PLANNER! This is a great time to use student planners to keep track of assignments. Many of the Welsh students have done well with turning assignments in, but we still need 100% from the boys. Make sure you son is writing down his assignments after each class and checking off assignments in his planner he has finished them.

3. TUTORS! We are blessed with a phenomenal tutoring staff. I recently reached out to our adult tutors about staying connected with the boys and our Welsh community. Many are working from home or are home with their children, but have offered to continue tutoring. Many of them will join Office Hours throughout the week to offer tutoring and additional instructional support. Please make sure that your son is coming to Office Hours, especially if you notice that he is struggling with assignments.

We are in this TOGETHER! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns as it pertains to your son's learning or if you need assistance with finding the best way to support your son during this time of distance learning.

Stay safe and healthy!

Mr. Adair