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Saint Ignatius High School

Artisanal Honors

Three Saint Ignatius students received state and national recognition for their artwork this spring, putting them in the top 1 percent of tens of thousands of submissions in the annual Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, as well as the Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition.

To the untrained eye, the cross pattern pot might appear to be the work of a seasoned sculpture artist, whose skills range emerge from decades of throwing clay and carving intricate patterns. That's certainly true of the creator's instructor, longtime Fine Arts teacher Pat Kyle. Yet the artist behind the pot, recipient of a national silver medal from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, is senior Nick Cucci.

Nick, along with senior Will Deucher and junior Aidan Meaney, was recently recognized with major honors for his remarkable artistic talents. Nick's pot was crafted in Kyle's 3-D Art Class and recognized from among more than 330,000 submissions. Aidan won a regional award in the Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition for his print, Bubba.

For senior Will Deucher, a four-year Saint Ignatius career of artistic accolades concludes with more regional and state recognition. He received three regional awards for paintings titled Melpomene, Living History, and Twilight of the Idols. Melpomene, featured to the left, was selected from 11,000 pieces for a state award in the Ohio Governor's show. Will's painting will be featured in a state exhibit at the James A. Rodes State Office Tower in Columbus beginning on Sunday, April 22.

A huge congratulations is in order for the entire Visual Arts team at Saint Ignatius--Julianna Burrows, Pat Kyle and Darius Steward--for their remarkable work with our young student-artists.

The full list of 2018 Scholastic Art and Writing Award regional winners from Saint Ignatius (announced in December) is as follows:

Gold Key Award Winners:
Nick Cucci '18, Cross Pattern Pot, Ceramics and Glass
William Deucher '18, Infra, Drawing and Illustration
William Deucher, '18, Social Landscape, Painting
Maxwell Fisher, '18, Untitled, Sculpture
Maxwell Fisher, '18, Life Value x Value Life, Sculpture
Daniel O'Neill, '18, Take the Leap, Mixed Media
Philip Sutherland '21, Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve, Digital Art
*Regional Gold Key artwork is forwarded to New York for national adjudication
Silver Key Award Winners:
William Deucher '18, Melpomene, Muse of Tragedy, Painting
Ian O'Donnell '18, 5 AM Thoughts, Digital Art
Ian O'Donnell '18, The Dragon's Hoard, Digital Art
Ian O'Donnell '18, A. Mind, Digital Art
Andrew Yormick '18, Working Man, Photography
Honorable Mention Award Winners:
William Deucher '18, A Future Together, Painting
Andrew Domanick '18, Blatantly Toxic, Digital Art
Andrew Domanick '18, Emotions in Line, Digital Art
Andrew Domanick '18, Alcohol Dependency, Design
Maxwell Fisher '18, Monoprint of Contour Sketch, Printmaking
Maxwell Fisher '18, Untitled, Painting
Aidan Meany '19, Fashion, Mixed Media
Aidan Meany '19, Rider, Printmaking
Daniel O'Neill '18, Untitled, Drawing and Illustration
Daniel O'Neill '18, Do Not Disturb, Drawing and Illustration
Akash Ramalingam '18, Green Room, Digital Art
Akash Ramalingam '18, Dimensional Thinking, Digital Art
Jacob Schabel '18, Life is Fragile, Photography
Ryan von Keyserling '18, Till Thou at Length art Free, Mixed Media
Andrew Yormick '18, Flag, Photography
Andrew Yormick '18, Italy Alley, Photography
Andrew Yormick '18, Three Headed Beast, Photography
Portfolio Award Winners:
William Deucher '18, A Fractured Past, but a United Tomorrow, Honorable Mention