Saint Ignatius High School

2018 Scholarship Drive Update

Congratulations to our winners of the 80th Annual Scholarship Drive. Please check here for details on the winning tickets.
Congratulations to all our winners of the 80th Annual Scholarship Drive! Below are the winning ticket numbers and student sellers:

1st place winner - ticket #132409
1st place seller (Mike Hilbig '19)
2nd place winner - ticket #034010
2nd place seller (Thomas Gill '19)
3rd place winner - ticket #052973
3rd place seller (Alexander Brunkholz '20)

Our student body sold 128% of their quota and brought in a total of $580,000 towards tuition assistance. Thanks to our special guest Joe Thomas from The Cleveland Browns for pulling our winning tickets.

This year, our top sellers were:
1. R. Michael Shock '20 - 1,371 tickets sold
2. Race DePenti '19 - 1,312 tickets sold
3. Richie Santiago '19 - 902 tickets sold
4. Bronson Waid '19 - 700 tickets sold
5. Mark Celestina '19 - 645 tickets sold

Great job to these sellers!