Saint Ignatius High School

Julian Flowers, "The Man" of Saint Ignatius

"There he is--the man himself." Those are the words of Julian Flowers, a 22-year veteran of the Campus Operations team at Saint Ignatius. But Flowers himself is "The Man," a guy who seemingly knows everyone and who is ever-present on campus. Here is the latest Unforgotten Face from the Saint Ignatius Magazine.

Everyone who knows Julian “The Man” Flowers, knows that for him, the work never stops. Flowers has worked as a part of the Saint Ignatius High School Campus Operations since 1997. His work includes sorting and delivering the mail, receiving packages, performing building maintenance and setting up and tearing down for events.

Flowers found his way to Ignatius through his friend, Joe Hopgood, who worked for Campus Operations at the time. His favorite part of the day is getting to talk to people.

“I like the people here, and I get along with just about everybody,” says Flowers. “I like to help people and I was sent here for that reason.”

Though seasoned in the position, Flowers stays humble, reiterating his respect for the faculty and staff, calling them all by name. He holds erstwhile Campus Operations employees Rotus Black and Joe Hopgood in high regard, and they became his mentors as he grew in the position. 

The biggest change he has seen during his 22 years has been the new buildings, such as the Campus South Athletic Complex. The buildings require more maintenance checks but no matter the workload Flowers says, “I give it 100 percent.”

Director of Facilities and Events Jacqui Lee-Ivey describes Flowers as someone who is funny and caring at the same time. “He’ll give you the shirt off his back,” she says.

She recalls when Flowers noticed one of the boys in the student work program was wearing worn shoes and a winter coat that was very old. Flowers gave him a new pair of Timberland boots and a new winter coat. “That’s just who he is, he does a lot for people that you don’t know about,” says Ivey.

One event he makes sure to work every year is the Saint Ignatius after-prom. He says, “I enjoy being with the kids. I play basketball with them, but I don’t last long.”

Lee-Ivey says that even the alumni remember him when they visit the school. “That’s indicative of how personable he is,” she says.

Outside of work, Flowers and his wife, Patricia, enjoy taking trips and going on cruises; they plan to go to Virginia Beach this summer. When Flowers isn’t travelling, he enjoys listening to music and attending jazz concerts.
“The goal is to live life,” he says.

He has lived a full life thus far with three sons and seven grandkids keeping him busy. He takes time to play games like foosball with the grandkids, though he says, “they whoop me now.”

Flowers isn’t shy about lending a hand, and if he can make someone smile, his workday is complete. “We are all family and there are good people here. I like what I’m doing and look forward to doing it until I retire.”