Saint Ignatius High School

Meet Our People: Dierre Cody, The Welsh Academy

Dierre Cody serves as the Student Life Counselor at The Welsh Academy. He provides social emotional learning (SEL) and education to Welsh Academy students each day. Learn more about Dierre and his work in this Q&A.
Dierre Cody serves as the Student Life Counselor at The Welsh Academy. He provides social emotional learning (SEL) and education to Welsh Academy students each day. By license, he is a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW); by education he is a Master of Social Work.
Cody works with all of the boys at the academy to provide social emotional learning (SEL) and education. He works with students in small groups to teach them how to appropriately manage their emotions throughout the school day. In these small groups of four to seven students they address:
  • aggression
  • anxiety
  • interpersonal awareness
  • leadership skills
  • distractibility and inattentiveness
  • communication skills 
  • grief
Additionally, Cody works with some of the students at The Welsh Academy one-on-one to help them gain insight on how their behavior impacts their education and their relationships inside and outside of school. 

We got to know more about Cody and his experience at The Welsh Academy so far in a recent Q&A:

Q. What did you do before coming to The Welsh Academy?
Before joining the team at The Welsh Academy I was the Family Liaison (Social Worker) at Bluestone Elementary School in Euclid City Schools.
Q.  What has been the biggest lesson you have taken away from being part of a school in its founding year?
The biggest lesson I've taken away from helping launch The Welsh Academy is that this is a great deal of work. There aren't any shortcuts when helping a project like this get off the ground. My personality is the type that has to follow through on what I start and do it well with fidelity. I'm glad to say my Welsh Academy coworkers are hard working people and that inspire me here at work daily. 
Q.  How have The Welsh Academy students impacted your life in these first few months?
The Welsh boys have impacted my life a great deal. Due to us working with these 21 boys we've been able to develop a community and within our community; we've developed some strong relationships. So after discovering many of the boys interests (sports, pop culture, etc.) I find myself taking a second look at articles on topics that they're interested about. It helps strengthen relationships if we as staff are aware of the boys interests in and outside of school. 
Q.  Has there been one moment that sticks out to you as a highlight so far?
A few moments come to mind but I'll go with our performance and behavior during our very first basketball game. I'm also our basketball coach at The Welsh Academy. After practicing with the boys for a little over a month, I noticed they started becoming agitated with one another during basketball practice, which is normal for a group of boys who spend 50+ hours a week together. After taking the court vs. Lakewood Catholic Academy and witnessing how hard the boys were cheering for one another was my highlight so far. I was pleasantly surprised by how much the boys wanted to see their teammates do well. I'm proud to say I'm a part of building that community. 
Q.  What are you most looking forward to when it comes to the growth of The Welsh Academy?
I'm looking forward to watching our boys navigate their way through the Saint Ignatius High School community. Specifically, I'm excited to watch the Welsh Academy boys grow into high schoolers and have the passionate relationship that so many alumni already have with the school. 
Q. How does family interaction play into your role at The Welsh Academy?

I learned a few values growing up from my family that I'm hopeful I can pass on to our Welsh boys. One is that earning a quality education infinitely increases the potential for improved quality of life. Secondly, hard work pays off. And finally, you can learn something from everybody you come in contact with. 

Q.  What do you like to do for fun?

I am the parent of a nearly one year old daughter named, Maya. She's amazing! Currently she's my primary source of fun. My wife, Amy and I enjoy taking Maya to the park and local festivals. For solo fun, I find myself playing pickup basketball, biking, reading and listening to podcasts and music. 

Q. What is your favorite Cleveland activity?

I have two favorite Cleveland activities:
1) Eating at local Lakewood restaurants. (Forage Public House, Campbell's Cupcakes, Poor Juniors Pizza, Cozumel)
2) Going to Edgewater Live in the summer with family.