Saint Ignatius High School

Etymology Word of the Week

As some of you know, in addition to being the Director of Admissions, Pat O'Rourke '90 also teaches Latin at Saint Ignatius and is a self-proclaimed "word nerd." Here is his latest Etymology Word of the Week.
Gregarious - "fond of the company of others; sociable; extroverted" OR "living in flocks or herds, as animals do."  From the Latin adjective gregarius, a, um meaning "belonging to a flock," which comes from the Latin noun grex, gregis meaning "flock (of sheep or birds, etc.)."  (All information is from, and/or

RELATED WORDS/PHRASES – congregation (as in "the flock"), egregious (from ex grege, meaning "out of the flock" or "rising above the flock"), segregate (to separate from the flock), aggregate (bring together in a flock), and so on. 

Sample sentence – “Ian is always the life of the party and he can hold a conversation with anyone - he is so gregarious!" 

ABBREVIATION OF THE WEEK:  I.E. (ID EST) - id est means "that is (to say)" or "in other words" and is used to explain something further.  Id is a neuter nominative singular personal (actually demonstrative) pronoun and est is a 3rd person singular present tense linking verb meaning "is."

GUESS THE APHORISM OF THE WEEK:  Too many cooks...  (scroll for the answer)

...spoil the soup.