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Alumni Executive Council Profile: Vic Anselmo '81

As Alumni Executive Council President, Vic Anselmo '81 supports the school and the efforts of the Alumni Office through events, committees, and encouraging alumni involvement. Learn more about Vic and about how you can get involved.
As Alumni Executive Council President, Vic Anselmo '81 supports the school and the efforts of the Alumni Office through events, committees, and encouraging alumni involvement. Learn more about Vic and about how you can get involved.

Meet Vic Anselmo '81

Vic grew up in Cleveland Heights and went to St. Ann’s elementary school with his four sisters and two brothers.  He currently resides in Cleveland Heights and is a member of Communion of Saints parish, formerly St. Ann’s parish, where he serves as an usher.

Before attending Saint Ignatius High School, Vic's father was a key fundraiser, starting and running the successful bingo program for many years. It was partly because of his involvement that Vic and his brothers Anthony '77 and Vince '85 chose Saint Ignatius.

After graduation, he went to University of Dayton where he was co-captain of the wrestling team. Following his graduation from Dayton in 19855, Vic went on to law school at Cleveland Marshall and graduated in 1988.  He joined Siegel Jennings, a corporate real estate tax firm, where he has been a partner for the last seven years.

Sixteen years ago, on New Year’s Eve, Vic ran into his high school sweetheart Michelle Barrett (SJA ‘81).  Three years later, they were married on New Year’s Eve and have two daughters: Claire, a junior at Marquette University and Nora who is completing a gap year before starting at University of San Francisco. 

In addition to spending time and traveling with his family, Vic enjoys golf, sampling the Cleveland restaurant scene and is an avid runner.   

Q: Explain your role as Alumni Executive Council (AEC) president.
A: As AEC president I serve a one year term. The AEC usually meets four times a year.  I assist with planning the meetings and events, and act as liaison to the individual alumni committees: (Bellarmine, Distinguished Alumnus, Golf Outing, Service Committee, Spiritual Development, Tailgate and Young Alumni) I serve as point of contact for any alumni who wish to become involved.  The real heavy lifting is done by the Director of Alumni Relations, Garen Distelhorst '96, who I work with to schedule events and to assist the committees in any way in meeting their goals.    

Q: What has AEC completed so far this year?
A: So far this year the Alumni Executive Council has been busy. We have:
  • Hosted tailgates at varsity home football games
  • Conducted a Legal Aid Law Clinic
  • Started planning for 2018 Thomas Koch Golf Outing to be held on July 23rd at Canterbury Country Club and Shaker Country Club
  • Selected 2018 Bellarmine winner - Look for the official announcement in early February!
  • Initiated discussions for 2019 Distinguished Alumnus Award
  • Planned the Alumni Memorial Mass
  • Organized the Football City Champions Celebration
  • Planed the Alumni Retreat being held on February 16 and 17: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  • Planned Safety Forces Appreciation night being held February 10th before, during and after the home basketball game vs Beachwood: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  • Spring Into Action/Jesuit Day of Service participation
  • Several (~3 or ) Youth for Christ Dinners 
  • Several activities with Urban Community Schools
  • Tutoring
  • Participation in Alumni Service Weekend
Q: What is your favorite alumni event and why?
A: Without question, the Bellarmine Luncheon is my favorite alumni event. As an attorney, I am always so impressed with the presence that Saint Ignatius graduates have, not only in the Cleveland legal community, but nationally. It’s humbling to have attorneys, judges and other leaders of the legal community, many of whom are not Saint Ignatius graduates, attend this event and see the depth of our alumni in this field. My greatest honor as an alumnus has been to serve on this committee and help select the winners of this great award.

Q: Do you have a favorite memory from high school?
A: I will always look back fondly on winning my first varsity wrestling match. I was a sophomore wrestling at 98 pounds and my dad was watching in the stands.

Q: What do you think has remained the same since your time at Saint Ignatius? What's the biggest change you've witnessed?
A: I believe what has remained consistent through the years is the strong character and intellectual curiosity of the student body: hard-working, bright young men, anxious to learn the values that Saint Ignatius instills and meet the friends they will have for the rest of their lives. 

The biggest change is certainly the transformation of the campus. The Chapel, The Breen Center, Kyle field, changes to the athletic facilities and the updates to the building are stunning. These provide such an advantage for current students. I wish Gibbons Hall was there during my wrestling years. 

Q: Do you have a favorite place on campus?
A: The Mall. It was a drive-through street when I was there, splitting the school in half. Now it brings the whole campus together. 

Q: How can alumni get involved with AEC and AEC sponsored events or committees? Where is the greatest need?
A: Any alumnus that wants to get involved can contact me at Vanselmo@siegeltax.com or Garen Distelhorst the Director of Alumni relations at gdistelhorst@ignatius.edu. Younger alumni might find it helpful to contact Conor McLaughlin '00, the Young Alumni Chair at mclaughlinca@hotmail.com. At present the greatest need would be with the Service Committee that is chaired by John Brady '10, johnbrady216@gmail.com and Sam Diaquila '73, sam@diaquila.com. They would welcome any inquiries.
Q: Why did you choose to support Saint Ignatius High School in this role?
A: Saint Ignatius means so much to me, my brothers and my family. I don’t think I will ever be able to give back as much as it gave to me. But, by staying involved through the AEC, I hope that I can repay at least a portion of the debt of gratitude I have for the school that had a formative part in making me the person I am.