Saint Ignatius High School

Christmas Food & Toy Drive Delivery Instructions

In order to safely and successfully delivery 700 boxes of food and toys to families in need this year, we are asking all participants to carefully review these instructions. Deliveries will take place on Saturday, December 19, from 9 a.m. to noon, beginning in the chapel parking lot. There is no community Mass or breakfast this year.

Dear Saint Ignatius High School community,

Thank you for your amazing generosity with this year’s Rini Family Christmas Food Drive and Patel Family Toy Drive. As of this writing, we are able to fill all 700 food boxes with the items needed for delivery, as well as provide toys to the families receiving them. You stepped up once again, and we are forever grateful.
This Saturday, December 19, is Delivery Day, which runs from 9 a.m. to noon. All families and alumni are invited to participate. This message provides full instruction and protocols for this year’s deliveries.
What: Christmas Food and Toy Drive Deliveries
When: Saturday, December 19, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Where: Chapel Lot of Saint Ignatius High School, entrance on Lorain Avenue
Note: This year, there is no Mass or breakfast for the community. Our students will participate in their own prayer service beforehand.

Before you come down:

  • First and foremost, if you or anyone in your family has COVID symptoms or has been exposed to anyone who has received a positive test, please stay home.
  • Second, please only drive down and make deliveries with people in your household.
  • Third, masks must be worn at all times. Additionally, when you arrive to campus to make a delivery, please remain in your vehicle.

Instructions for arrival and loading of your vehicle:

  • Deliveries begin at 9 a.m. Please do not arrive before 9 a.m.
  • Cars should line up on the north side of Lorain Avenue, alongside campus, facing west. This allows us to have a minimal disruption to the flow of traffic around school.
  • You will be directed when to pull into the chapel parking lot, and into one of three designated ‘lanes’ for receiving your food boxes and maps.
  • To start, each car will receive two (2) sets of deliveries. A set includes:
    • Map with directions, plus notes
    • An instruction sheet
    • Food box + gallon of milk
    • ***Some cars will receive wrapped toys. Your map will indicate which houses receive which toys. Toys will be labeled with gender and age range.
  • A student leader will give you your map and instruction sheet while your car is loaded. The instruction sheet will answer many questions you might have. Please also ask questions that you might have

Instructions for making your delivery:

  • Navigate to the home listed on your map. Your map will tell you if the family is receiving any toys and, if so, which ones (based on age and gender).
  • When you get to the house, your map will also indicate any special instructions, including apartment number, an alternate door, etc.
  • Knock on the door, set the box down, and step back so you can remain 6 feet apart.
  • If someone answers the door, please introduce yourself, mention that you’re from Saint Ignatius and the Christmas Food Drive, and ask their name. Feel free to chat from a safe distance and wish them a Merry Christmas.
    • Do not go inside. The only exception to this is if the person at home is physically unable to carry the box or its contents inside. In this case, please be quick in returning outside.
  • If nobody answers the door, call the phone number listed on the map and see if the person answers. If this fails, leave the box and please email Pat Valletta ( to notify him that you made this delivery but nobody answered.

After your delivery:

  • You may come back to campus to complete more deliveries until we are all out of maps and boxes!
  • Please make time to pray for the folks you delivered to throughout the Christmas season.


Please ask any of the students or adults wearing Christmas Food Drive t-shirts on Saturday.
Thank you all for your help in making sure 700 families around Cleveland can still have a Merry Christmas! God bless you.