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Etymology Word of the Week

Director of Admissions Pat O'Rourke '90, a self-proclaimed "word nerd," brings you his Etymology Word of the Week. Every other week he presents an online Etymology lesson just for fun!

Etymology Word of the Week – As some of you know, in addition to working in the Admissions Office, I also teach Latin at Saint Ignatius and am something of a "word nerd."  Thus, each week, I’ll sneak a vocabulary word (sometimes derived from Latin, sometimes not) into the e-blast. Here, then, is this week’s edition of the Etymology Word of the Week.  

Vaccine - “any preparation used as a preventative inoculation to confer immunity against a specific disease, usually employing an innocuous form of the disease agent to stimulate antibody production (as the British physician Edward Jenner did with a cowpox virus to help prevent smallpox).”  From the Latin noun vacca meaning “cow” (all information is from, and/or


SAMPLE SENTENCE - “Many brilliant minds across the entire globe are working hard to find a reliable vaccine for COVID-19.”

FINISH THE PHRASE:  Be careful what you wish for…



            …you may just get it.