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Saint Ignatius High School

24th Annual Chariot Races Garner Media Attention

A special thank you to Kenny Crumpton from Fox 8 News for joining us to celebrate the 24th Annual Chariot Races on Kickin' It With Kenny during Languages Week at Saint Ignatius High School.
We were Kickin' It With Kenny for this year's Chariot Races which were held on Wednesday, April 10.

The Chariot Races are a part of Languages Week here at Saint Ignatius High School. Each day celebrates a different language offered through our curriculum including French, Spanish, Chinese, Greek and Latin. As part of Latin Day for the past 24 years, we have been hosting the Chariot Races. The first race was held in the spring of 1996.

More than 700 students take Latin and can participate by building their own chariot to enter the race. Students who participate are awarded bonus points and of course, bragging rights if they are victorious! This year we had more than 375 racers, making it the second-largest race in school history.

During the race, students sell hot dogs to raise funds for Kick-It (www.alexslemonade.org/kickit) in an effort to join together in the fight against childhood cancer. This year we sold a total of 1,500 hot dogs during the race and raised more than $2,300 for Kick-It. The race is organized by Latin teachers, most of whom are alumni of Saint Ignatius High School and a few participated in the races themselves when they were students.

Overall, it's a fun day for everyone on campus and even for the grade school students, parents and members of our community who visit campus to join the crowd.