Saint Ignatius High School

Family Resources

All incoming Welsh Academy students must submit a Saint Ignatius High School physical before the start of a new school year. Parents should notify the school of other medical conditions using the forms provided here.

All students must complete a Physical Examination form and Immunization History form before the start of a new school year.

Before the first day of school, there are several forms that need to be completed for the School Nurse if your son has medical conditions. Forms are available in English and Spanish using the buttons above.

Confidentiality of Individual Health Information

To ensure confidentiality of health information, individual health information will only be shared with certain school faculty and staff for the purposes of serving the student and protecting the health, safety, and learning of this student. Faculty and staff are informed of health concerns on a need to know basis. All staff and faculty who are trusted with personally identifiable health information take seriously their responsibility to safeguard that information.

The school nurse may contact a student's health care provider to clarify facts surrounding a student's condition or treatment plan. Parents are encouraged to talk with the nurse directly if they have any concerns regarding the confidentiality of their student’s health information.

See Parent/Student Handbook for more Health/Illness Guidelines on:

  • Students with life-threatening food allergies
  • Students with chronic disease (Asthma, Diabetes, Seizures)
  • When a sick student should stay home
  • Administration of medication in school