86th Annual Scholarship Drive

Student-driven fundraiser with a $50,000 grand prize drawing on March 1, 2024

Saint Ignatius High School

Student Life

Our school is set up to meet the unique needs of middle school boys. In addition to classes, the student experience includes a school uniform, meals, transportation, sports and extracurricular activities, and code of conduct.

School Uniform:

  1. A Welsh Academy polo shirt, long or short-sleeves (provided to families)
  2. Black, navy, or khaki pants or shorts (from the start of school until October 2nd and in the Spring beginning May 1)
  3. All white or all black tennis shoes/sneakers. Dress school shoes are to be brown or black.
  4. A leather belt (black, navy, or brown; not studded)
  5. A Welsh Academy sweatshirt (if desired; provided to families) 
  6. A Welsh Academy Cardigan for Mass and special occasions (provided to families)
  7. A mask must be worn daily around campus. (must bring two different masks to change halfway throughout the school day)


The Welsh Academy is committed to accessibility for all qualified students. Families who need assistance with transportation of their son to and from school every day should contact Executive Administrative Assistant Mrs. Maggie Peña.


Breakfast, lunch and a snack are provided to students every day.

  • Welsh Man of the Week

    Throughout the year, we identify one student per week as the "Welsh Man of the Week." This boy will be identified by teachers and staff as having put forth good effort in class, shown kindness to others, and being open to growth.

  • Big Brothers

    Saint Ignatius students serve as "big brothers" to Welsh Academy students. These Welsh brothers will hang out with the boys, attend special events together, and provide mentorship and support.