Saint Ignatius High School

Affinity Courses

A key element to the curriculum at The Welsh Academy is the variety of affinity courses offered to our students. These short-term courses provide a hands-on introduction to new and exciting activities or subjects to help our students discover their talents and see where their interests lie.
Students at The Welsh Academy are introduced to a variety of interests and skills through our affinity courses. We know that pre-adolescent boys learn best through first-hand experience as they are building learning pathways which is why affinity courses range from baking to golf, and mechanics to yoga.
The affinity courses also allow for relationship development between our students and leaders in our community. Some examples of our affinity partnerships include:

"Working at The Welsh Academy as an Affinity Teacher, I was overwhelmed by the sense of camaraderie the boys have for one another. It was so cool to see the genuine concern one boy showed for his classmates when he realized that they might not complete building their model V8 engine on time.

Some boys who finished early spent hours helping other students out so that they could each “kickstart” their engines simultaneously on the last day of the course.

As a former classroom teacher, this sort of cooperation can be challenging to achieve in a standard classroom setting. I really enjoy the ability to be a “Coach” in an Affinity Course in which the boys see me in a different role, one of additional support to the classroom.

The boys in our Motogo affinity came together as a team and were excited to help each other. Even though I am not a regular Welsh Academy staff member who is on campus every day of the week, the faculty and staff at Welsh were fantastic. There was always an admin or teacher in the room to turn to for additional support. I was welcomed into the teacher collaboration space and often given whatever baked goods showed up that day.

I was truly made to feel a part of the community. I can’t wait to continue programs with the boys in the future and for years to come."

Coach Brian Schaffran, Motogo