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Student-driven. Student-focused. The Annual Scholarship Drive raises more than $600,000 for tuition assistance through student fundraising.

I know that the more tickets I sell, the more that all our students and I will benefit from the Scholarship Drive. I’m proud that I’m being a Man for Others.

Richie Santiago '19
2017 Scholarship Drive Top Seller
Richie Santiago '19<br>2017 Scholarship Drive Top Seller image

81st Annual Scholarship Drive Winning Tickets

1st place - Ticket number #086593               Student Seller Shlok Ghiya
2nd place - Ticket number #93KE3M3K-38  Student Seller Nicholas Barzacchini
3rd place - Ticket number #WPJYXHK3-4    Student Seller Ethan Fisher

Top Sellers

#1 Zachary McMahan '19 - 2,031 tickets sold ** new record!
#2 Michael Shock '18 - 1,592 tickets sold
#3 Race DePenti '19 - 824 tickets sold
#4 Mark Celestina '19 - 812 tickets sold
#5 Benjamin Thiltgen '22 - 802 tickets sold
Dating back to the spring of 1939, the Saint Ignatius High School Scholarship Drive has been a fixture of the school calendar. While it has taken many different forms, it has always depended on students, parents, alumni and the community of Greater Cleveland to reach its success.

The Scholarship Drive first began as an effort by our Fathers' Club. The club first sponsored a Bingo Night in 1938. At this event, a ten-cent raffle offering a $1,000 prize succeeded beyond expectations. As a means to help students pay tuition at the end of the Great Depression, the Board of Directors discussed the option of expanding the raffle into its own event. By 1940, this became the biggest moneymaker of all Fathers' Club events. The drive lasted for eight to nine weeks and ended in the beginning of May.

Prizes after World War II also reflected a dramatic shift in culture. As soldiers came home, prizes for the raffle reflected the demand for consumer goods. In 1946, the grand prize was a Ford Sedan. Other prizes ranged from a General Electric refrigerator to an electric roaster. In 1947, a "New Modern Home" at 20691 Stanford Avenue in Fairview, Ohio took its place as the grand prize. Tickets became fifty cents each, or a book of fifteen for six dollars.

Today, you can join by purchasing a $5 ticket for your chance to win the grand prize of $50,000. 

The 81st Annual Scholarship Drive brought in a total of $602,000 towards tuition assistance.

Special Events Director Melissa Murphy has been running the Scholarship Drive since 2004. "In a lot of ways, the drive has remained the same," Murphy says. "We're still using the same hopper to mix up the tickets as we did in the 50s!" And the goal of the drive remains the same: to support tuition assistance making it possible for students of all financial backgrounds to attend Saint Ignatius High School.
  • Alumni Challenge

    New this year, alumni will be able to challenge fellow classmates in order to win prizes. Each week, members of the class with the highest number of tickets purchased will be placed in a raffle to win Saint Ignatius gift baskets. Winners will be announced on February 1, 8, 15 and 22. The final drawing will be held on Friday, March 1, 2019.

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