Saint Ignatius High School

Christmas Concert

Join our world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra and Chorus as we celebrate the Christmas season and support our students. The 2019 Christmas Concert will be held on Sunday, December 8, 2019.
Each year, our Saint Ignatius community joins in celebration at the annual Christmas Concert with the Cleveland Orchestra and Cleveland Orchestra Chorus at Severance Hall. For more than 30 years, this has been a time-honored tradition for families to kick-off the holiday season.

The Magis Award is presented annually at the Christmas Concert. Magis is a Latin word meaning “more.” St. Ignatius of Loyola called Magis “the spirit of generous excellence.” Since 1985, we have honored those who exemplify this spirit in their commitment to Saint Ignatius High School.

The 2019 Magis Award recipient is William Kelley '62. Kelley began teaching at Saint Ignatius High School in 1997 and has transformed the lives of his students ever since. He will receive the Magis Award at the 35th Annual Saint Ignatius High School Christmas Concert with the Cleveland Orchestra and Chorus on Sunday, December 8, 2019, at Severance Hall.

Proceeds from the Christmas Concert directly support tuition assistance for Saint Ignatius families. Thank you to all who attend and support Saint Ignatius and our mission.

Magis Award Recipients

1985 Mr. Charles E. Spahr*
1986 The John C. Wasmer Family
1987 Mr. Murlan J. Murphy, Sr., ’36*
1988 Mr. Harold C. Schott*
1989 Mr. Hugh O'Neill ’40*
1990 Most Rev. Anthony M. Pilla
1991 Mr. Donald P. Traci ’44*
1992 The Edward F. Durkin Family
1993 The Victor F. Miller Family
1994 Mr. William R. Litzler ’59
1995 Mr. Anthony Rini*
1996 Dr.* & Mrs. Theodore J. Castele*
1997 The Charles J. Nock Family
1998 Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Carfagna ’71
1999 Rev. Robert J. Welsh, S.J., ’54*
2000 Mr. Joseph D. Sullivan ’49
2001 Mr. Leo R. Reichard ’50
2002 Rev. John H. Kleinhenz, S.J., ’37*
2003 Mr.* & Mrs. Charles A. Rini, Sr.
2004 Mr. Thomas J. Pasko, Hon. ’96
2005 Mr.* & Mrs. Gerald F. Schroer
2006 Rev. Kenneth A. Styles, S.J.
2007 Nancy & Chuck Geschke ’56
2008 Mr. James E. Skerl ’74*
2009 Mary Jane & Jack Breen
2010 Rev. Lawrence M. Ober, S.J.
2011 Brittan and Fred DiSanto ’80
2012 Charles M. Kyle ’69
2013 Loyola Society Mothers’ Club
2014 Barbara & John Rade ’53
2015 Rev. Bernard Streicher, S.J.* and Rev. Francis Canfield, S.J.
2016 The George R. Blaha '57 Family
2017 Arthur L. Thomas and Richard D. Fujimoto '66
2018 Janet E. & Jeffrey T. Leitch '71
2019 William Kelley '62

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