86th Annual Scholarship Drive

Student-driven fundraiser with a $50,000 grand prize drawing on March 1, 2024

Saint Ignatius High School


One of, if not the most crucial aspects of our mission is to continually provide access to students of all backgrounds. The ongoing endowment campaign ensures the future of tomorrow’s students by providing tuition assistance.
The top priority of the Saint Ignatius High School endowment is to secure the future of the school and its students. The Advancement Office works to significantly increase endowment to provide additional interest income to assist in the education of our students for years to come. We need your help to make this possible.

Interest generated from the endowment allows us to enhance financial assistance, continue maintenance of our facilities and helps cover the salaries and benefits of our more than 200 Saint Ignatius faculty and staff.

The endowment is the foundation that allows the school to be accessible to families of all means. The Annual Fund and special events such as the Saint Ignatius Christmas Concert are important because they support the students of today. Your gift to the endowment ensures the future of our students of tomorrow.
  • Endowed Family Scholarships

    The Saint Ignatius High School Endowment Fund is an important source of money used to provide financial assistance -- a scholarship -- to a student whose family qualifies for aid. These funds can be named to honor or memorialize a family or an individual.