Saint Ignatius High School

Athletic Hall of Fame

The Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes members of the Ignatius community who have excelled in one or more sports and who have distinguished themselves and the school in their athletic endeavors while a student or coach at Saint Ignatius High School.
Saint Ignatius Athletic Hall of Fame recipients are chosen based on a level of excellence in a particular sport (e.g. captain, team MVP, all district, all Ohio, etc.), especially as it relates to other teammates and the level of competition during the candidate's era. Consideration is also given to candidates who participated in multiple sports during their careers, even if their level of success varied in those sports. Finally, the committee attempts to select candidates that result in a class of inductees that appropriately represent the broad range of sports at Saint Ignatius High School.

Past Athletic Hall of Fame Honorees

Chuck Kyle ’69
Bob Spicer ’62
Tom Fox ’95
Ben Smith ’03
Mark Blades ’06
Rudy Kirbus ’06


Eric Pfaff '81
Matt Roggenburk '86*
Chris Della Vella '96
Steve Kemmerling '97


Mike Sweeney ’78
John Spellacy ’85
Drew Haddad ’96
Anthony Kelly ’99
Anthony Gonzalez ’03


Chris Dowling '67
Dean Lamirand '93
Greg Moviel '03


Mark A. Buddie '85
Peter G. Fitzpatrick '90
Ryan M. Franzinger '02


Dale Gabor '66*
David Gresky '00
Patrick Massey '01


James B. Schram '51*
Brian J. Becker '77
Le'Charles V. Bentley '98


Timothy J. Gauntner '59
Daniel J. Stefancin '77
Daniel E. O'Leary '96


Martin J. Wise '77
Todd Minnier '00
David L. Maier '01


Jim Jensen '77
Jim Callinan '78
Joe Rey '92
Jonathan Gannon '01
Marc Sylvester '01


Donald Mack '52*
David Mack '67*
Joseph Bryan '87
Matthew Kata '96
Patrick Kelly '96
David Ragone '98


Terence P. Hayes '54
Frank J. Jancura '63
William R. Koehler '83
Lev W. Holubec '85
Patrick J. Kennedy '88
Joseph A. Lewandowski '92
Raymond P. Ardire '93
Raymond A. Weeden '94


Paul D. Nemec ‘57
Patrick L. George ‘73
Timothy J. Culver ‘74
Michael J. Trivisonno ‘81
Kevin Ginley ‘85
Matthew K. Schlessman ‘93
Eric Haddad ‘94
Scott M. Mutryn ‘94


William J. Coyne ‘53
Michael Soeder ‘72
Timothy W. Ryan ‘80
Michael McLaughlin ‘85
Kevin J. Cook ‘ 86
Barry E. Alvis ‘89
Jeffrey Drabik ‘91
Jonathan H. Vaughn ’93


Hon. Francis E. Sweeney '52*
Gregory J. Knittel '67*
Thomas G. Abood '74
Fredrick D. DiSanto '80
John Morell '81
Shawn S. Finnan '84
Michael J. Svets '87
Joseph C. Pickens '90
Mark S. Ruddy '90
Trent A. Zenkewicz '91


Neil M. Huber '57*
James D. Bunsey '65
Thomas F. Kennedy '68
Daniel L. Werner '68
John Shimko '80
Michael J. Buddie '89


Henry J. Erhardt '33*
Fred George*
Mark R. Schmitz '71
John C. Arbeznik '75
Albert M. Musca '81
Michael N. Huber '84


Edward P. Lonjak '43*
Leo "Skip" Weithman '49*
Edward J. Musbach '58*
Bernard J. Weber '75
Richard N. Hartman '85


Ralph M. Bush '27*
Paul Schmucker '27*
Raymond J. McGorray '35*
John Rattay '46*
Raymond C. Kubacki '63
Thomas E. Furlong '64
Donal R. Ross '64
Daniel A. Ginley '65
Kenneth R. Yantek '71


Edward J. Baloga '33*
Richard J. Zunt '50*
1964 Football Team
Frank J. Gusich '68*
Daniel T. McCrone '69*
Michael P. Roberts '71
Kevin R. Czinger '77
Aubrey "Ab" Strosnider*


Eugene Stringer '21*
John V. Corrigan '38*
Patrick W. Gallagher '60*
Timothy C. Pell '64
Roger A. Andrachik '74
Oliver F. Luck '78


Rev. James O'Brien '22*
John Stavole '54
J. Michael Hegan '60*
Steven M. Huntz '63
Timothy D. Vala '76


Thomas J. Cleary '41*
Robert J. Kilfoyle '46*
Rev. Michael J. Lavelle, S.J. '53*
Fred J. Oblak '58*
Kenneth O. LaVergne '58*


Msgr. Richard Walsh '19*
Ralph Vince*
Thomas P. Forrestal '54
Garry E. Roggenburk '58
James A. Grace '65


Francis "Speed" Gaul '25*
Leonard E. Brickman '26*
William J. Young '36*
Thomas J. Lobe '46*
James S. Dilling '48*
David Demko '52*
Richard "Smoke" Walsh '53*
Brian J. Dowling '65
Rev. William A. Sullivan, S.J.*
John J. Wirtz*


  • Eric Pfaff '81

    Nearly 40 years ago Eric Pfaff ’81 graduated from Saint Ignatius as a stand-out baseball and football player. He is now a husband, a father to three sons and president of Allied Enterprises in Westlake – but he still recalls the “influencers” who were so important to him during high school: teammates and friends who led by example and teachers, administrators and coaches who inspired and directed him.

  • Matt Roggenburk '86

    Sports taught Matt Roggenburk '86 some big lessons. Matt began learning these lessons early, from his father Garry Roggenburk '58, who played baseball and basketball at University of Dayton and pitched for the Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox. The family moved to Florida when Matt was 10 so his father could be General Manager for the Red Sox minor league team and also Spring Training coordinator for the Boston Red Sox. A Saint Ignatius basketball fan since childhood, Matt was thrilled when his family moved back to Cleveland and he enrolled as a sophomore.

  • Chris Della Vella '96

    There’s no doubt - Chris Della Vella ’96 was in the thick of it during a legendary era of Saint Ignatius football glory days. He played on three State Championship teams and was a powerhouse linebacker on the 1995 USA Today National Championship team in his senior season. Chris led the team in tackles from his middle linebacker position and earned First Team All Scholastic, First Team All-District and First Team All Ohio. He was named AP Division Co-Defensive Player of the Year and was a team captain leading one the Wildcats’ best defenses ever.

  • Steven Kemmerling '97

    Steve Kemmerling ’97 can’t imagine his life without swimming. Growing up in Parma Heights, he followed in the waves of two older sisters and started swimming competitively at age five for Berea Midpark Swim Club. He trained as a middle schooler with Team Viking where many of the older swimmers went to Saint Ignatius. That, and the fact that a former coach of his was currently coaching at the school, influenced a decision that would form his life and future.