38th Annual Christmas Concert

Students, friends, family, alumni, faculty and staff are invited to the 38th annual Saint Ignatius High School Christmas Concert on Sunday, Dec. 4, 2022. This promises to be another unforgettable evening when we gather as a community once again at Severance Hall to welcome the coming of Christ and celebrate the faith and friendships that are hallmarks of our Saint Ignatius family.

Saint Ignatius High School

Summer Enrichment Program

The Summer Enrichment Program has served the greater Cleveland community since 1968, accounting for over 50 years of academic, social, cultural and athletic enrichment opportunities for young men who are entering the eighth grade.

Summer Enrichment Program 2022

The Saint Ignatius Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) has served the greater Cleveland community since 1968, accounting for more than 50 years of academic, social, cultural and athletic enrichment opportunities for young men going into eighth grade. Through a combination of academic instruction and athletic opportunities, SEP creates a competitive, yet friendly atmosphere that adequately prepares students for the challenges of high school. SEP is the perfect opportunity for young men to become acquainted with life at Saint Ignatius.

This year's program will take place between June 9 - 29, 2022 from 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. on weekdays.

We will work hard to adapt the SEP experience to ensure a safe, healthy and fun summer for your sons. Our priority is to ensure we are properly following the Ohio Department of Health’s guidelines for day camps.

We invite you to register today!

Program Cost

The program cost is $375. Two t-shirts and daily breakfast and lunch are included with the price.

If you have questions about the Summer Enrichment Program, please contact Brian Martin at bmartin@ignatius.edu. If you have any questions about payment, please contact Maryann Patrick at mpatrick@ignatius.edu.

  • Academic Enrichment

    A primary goal of the Summer Enrichment Program is to keep our campers challenged, engaged, and interested on an academic level. SEP’s curriculum allows for young men to tackle new ideas while creating opportunities for shared learning. Classes for the 2021 Summer Enrichment Program will include math, science, art, film, wellness, Ignatian theology, Latin, Spanish, World Languages and Cleveland history. These courses are taught by Saint Ignatius faculty, many of whom are SEP alumni.

  • Social Enrichment

    Social enrichment is another key component of our Summer Enrichment Program. Student participants come from more than 120 schools throughout the greater Cleveland area, representing a variety of economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds. SEP’s focus on peer relationships allow our participants to develop versatile soft skills such as teamwork, leadership and the ability to problem-solve. Our participants’ experiences at SEP help expand their social and communication skills that are essential for success in high school and beyond.

  • Cultural Enrichment

    At Saint Ignatius, we believe that exposure to cultural enrichment fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of the community at large. Through our daily guest speakers, participants are presented with a variety of interesting concepts and insightful information to help shape their worldview. Past guests have included alumni doctors, artists, musicians, engineers and professional athletes. Students will also learn about culturally-enriched opportunities offered at Saint Ignatius, including almost 100 extracurricular and service activities.

  • Athletic Enrichment

    Through SEP’s comprehensive sports program, students get a glimpse of what life is like on the fields of Saint Ignatius. Athletics offer our participants a unique bonding experience that builds self-discipline, confidence and character. Our students have the opportunity to showcase their skills through our field day, all-star games and daily athletic activities. Sports include Basketball, Football, Soccer, Rugby, Floor Hockey, Wiffle Ball, Handball and more.