Saint Ignatius High School

Faith in Action

A culture of faith, service and justice exists at Saint Ignatius that no other high school can match. Our students volunteer to help people on the margins, travel on mission trips and march for justice—all because their faith teaches them to.

I think St. Ignatius gave us great tools of prayer and reflection that can really benefit high school students who are questioning who they are and who they want to become. I think it's essential that an education engages with the world of today, and challenges all of us to make the world a better place - working at a Jesuit high school encourages me to do that.

Megan McCullough
Theology Teacher
Megan McCullough<br>Theology Teacher image
One of Saint Ignatius’s most well-known and respected traditions is our students living out their faith through a variety of initiatives, programs and retreats. Through the ministries of the Christian Action Team, Sophomore Service, Mission Trips, retreats and social justice programming, the Jesuit motto of A.M.D.G.—“for the greater Glory of God”—springs to life.

Our Labre Ministry to the Homeless and Pallbearer Ministry have both gained national attention and spread to other high schools and universities across the United States. Students travel on domestic and international mission trips and lose themselves in service to others. Retreats send students off campus to grow in relationship with Christ, as well as their Ignatius brothers.

At graduation, Saint Ignatius students are charged with going forth into the world to do good and do well. After four years of putting their faith into action, they are primed to do as Ignatius Loyola himself said, and “set the world on fire.”

Faith Programs