Saint Ignatius High School

Research Fellows Program

Meet our 2023-2024 student and faculty research fellows.

Student Research Fellows Program

Established in the fall of 2023, the Student Research Fellows Program offers seniors the opportunity to participate in a rigorous research practicum. Student fellows serve as research assistants for the Center for Ignatian Pedagogy and take an active role in all significant research projects. Research fellows participate in a range of research experiences throughout their fellowship, including:

  • Earning academic credit by enrolling in Special Topics in Advanced Research 

  • Learning how to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research and data analysis

  • Collaborating with teacher research fellows to develop and implement action research studies to elevate the quality of teaching and learning on campus

  • Designing and conducting a study of their own learning experiences in and out of the classroom

  • Sharing their findings with the school community 

  • Publishing and presenting their work at local and national conferences

Teacher Research Fellows Program

The Teacher Research Fellows Program at Saint Ignatius High School supports teacher researchers who collaborate to implement and study cutting edge teaching and learning strategies in their classrooms. Working together as research-informed practitioners dedicated to deepening their craft and better serving the needs of all students, Teacher Fellows shepard the research process of the CIP by:

  • Collaborating to examine data and reflect on their own experiences as well as those of their students to identify key “problems of practice” worthy of research

  • Designing and developing a full research protocol to implement in their courses

  • Submitting a research protocol for approval from the school’s Institutional Review Board

  • Implement an action research study in the classes they teach

  • Meeting biweekly to reflect on data throughout the implementation process

  • Conducting data analysis 

  • Publishing and presenting their work with the school community and beyond at local and national conferences